5 Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated While Using Air Conditioner

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The adaption of the air conditioner is such a convenience during summer but exposing yourself in air conditioning rooms or places for a long period may cause dryness and dehydrated skin. When the water percentage decreases and evaporates from the skin, your skin may feel a bit tightness, the skin looks rough, flaking or peeling takes place, redness, the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles and if the conditions are severe, deep cracks of the skin may also develop which can cause further bleeding. Below are 5 exquisite options for you to keep your skin fair and lovely while using the air conditioner.

Humid environment

You may feel pleasure while switching on the air conditioner but it also slowly evaporating the water percentage from your skin. Too cold in temperature may not be a good setting for your skin, thus, you may install the air humidifier to help you moisturize your room without worrying about the air conditioner. The air humidifier helps to balance the moisture of the air where it is installed. There are various types of air humidifier that you can purchase from the store, range from the small-sized humidifier to the one with big in size. You may choose to fill in with water alone or you can infuse with any essential oil of your choice.

Stay hydrated

Each office occasionally provided with drinking water facilities such as filtered water or water purifier system. Use the convenience to keep your body well hydrated. Water-adequate body not only good for the largest organ of your body, the skin but also support the growth of body cells.  The ideal amount of water drinking is 8 glasses in a day or whenever you feel thirsty as well as when you realized your body eliminate more water like sweating or urinating.

Administer the moisturizer

Another great way to prevent dryness while using the air conditioner is by applying the moisturizer. It is not possible to turn off the air conditioner in a place or room without any open space for wind flow such as windows and balcony, or else, people inside will feel uncomfortable with raising temperature. Moisturizer indeed can be a great option and an easy way to help you moisturize your skin as well as prevents premature wrinkles or any signs of ageing linked with air conditioner drying effects.

Open windows frequently

Room with air conditioning function rarely opens the windows and people tend to assume there is no necessity to open the windows unless the power shortage is happening. This is clearly a false assumption. By opening windows, fresh air flows from outside assist to balanced the moisture of the room. You may open the window when you are not in the room, and close the window while turning on the air conditioner once you’re coming back to the room. A good level of moisture in the room helps to prevent skin from being dehydrated.

Prepare water buckets

People are not aware of the air conditioner effects which absorb the moisture out of the setting and from our body as well. As an alternative, you may put some buckets containing water under the air conditioner flows to let the water evaporates. This way will help you to prevent skin dryness as the air conditioner sucks the water out of the bucket rather from your skin. This option also helps to moisturize the air of the space, make it the best way with two different benefits towards us.

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Review Date: March 4, 2019 | Last Modified: October 31, 2019

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