3 Myths and 3 Facts About Your Vision

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Eyesight seems to be the most important sense to normal human. Although people are taking very good care of their eyes’ health, there is a high amount of misinformation for eye care. In this article, 3 most common myths and facts about your vision will be revealed.

Myth #1: Your vision is damaged when sitting too close to the television

When you are young, you may have been warned that sitting too close to the television will ruin your eyes. However, this is totally wrong. Watching televisions or even sitting closer than necessary to the television causes no physical harm to your eyes. Your eyes only suffer from tiredness or you get a headache when you spend much time with television, LCDs, and flat screen. Using computer and watching 3-D movies also cause the same effects. If it is unavoidable for you to work in these conditions, it is helpful to rest your eyes for some periods during your working hour.

Myth #2: Reading in the dark worsens your vision.

A lot of parents forbid their children from reading in the dark with the dim light because they are afraid that it affect negatively to your eyes. In fact, reading in the dim light doesn’t cause any damage to your eyes. It only makes the reading harder. People in the past used candle lights and gas lamps for reading and working for centuries. These devices provide less light than current electric lights and the fact is that the visions of those people are not worsened. However, good light can help to prevent eye fatigue and make it easier for reading.

Myth #3: Wearing glasses makes your eyes dependent on them.

Eyeglasses can help to correct blurry vision. Wearing eyeglasses often can help you to see clearly, but it doesn’t make your eyes dependent on them. The eyeglasses actually do not change anything of your eyes. The truth is that it’s you who is getting used to seeing things more clearly. Similarly, wearing glasses with the wrong prescription won’t ruin your eyes. You just won’t see as clearly as you would with the proper prescription.

Fact #1: Artificial sweeteners will raise the sensitivity of your eyes to light.

The use of artificial sweeteners, such as cyclamates can make your eyes more sensitive to light. Other factors including antibiotics, oral contraceptives, high blood pressure drugs, diuretics, and diabetic medications can also increase the sensitivity of your eyes to light.

Fact #2: Children with crossed eyes can be treated

Strabismus, the medical term for crossed eyes happening on children is not able to go away on their owns. However, with medical intervention, this eye condition will be more easily corrected at a younger age. Therefore, it is important for parents to have your child’s eyes tested early, first when your child is an infant and then again by age two.

Fact #3: Carrots help improve your visions

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is an essential nutrient for good vision. Eating carrots will supply you with the partial amount of vitamin A needed for good eyesight. Nevertheless, carrot is not the only food that provides vitamin A. You can also find this nutrient in milk, cheese, egg yolk, and liver. Having a balanced diet containing a variety of foods is able to bring the similar benefits.

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