How to have positive thoughts when you have lung cancer?

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You may be tired of hearing people telling you constantly to think positive. The truth is they want the best for you but they don’t really know how you feel. Don’t feel guilty for your emotions. You don’t always have to be positive. You are allowed to vent out your frustration and anger. It’s a healthy process to cope with your emotions. But you should also know that living with lung cancer can be a lot easier if you think positive. Here are some tips that can help:

Create a positive surrounding

Surround yourself with friends and family who are positive and make you smile. Joining a support group may also be an easy way to surround yourself with positive people. People who you can relate to and give you practical advice can help a great deal to make you more positive. When you surround yourself with constant complainers, their negativity is likely to rub off on you. Spend more time with positive people will increase the likelihood that their negative thoughts will become positive.

Other ways to keep a positive environment is listening to uplifting music and reading inspirational books. This can give you the positive boost you need to get through your day. You will see that it get easier day by day.

Avoid negative people

In order to be positive, it is natural to weed out the negativity in your life. This means you should avoid negative-minded people. A negative-minded person will always talk about how the glass is half empty, meaning they only focus on the negatives. They may always say “it’s too hot” or “it’s cloudy” while a positive person might say “it’s hot but at least the sun is shining brightly” or “it’s cloudy but at least it’s cool.” You will find that a negative-minded person is usually unhappy. This will affect your mood and make you unhappy as well.

Change the way you think

This may be easier said than done. To be more positive, you may need to change the way you look at a situation. You would have to cognitively be aware of how you think and find a way to shift your perspective. Sometimes a little humor can help. It’s ok to make fun of yourself and talk openly about your frustrations and concerns. For example, chemotherapy can cause you to lose your hair. You can feel sad about losing your hair. Instead, you can shift your perspective and think how much money you would save by not needing a haircut. Hair loss can be an emotional change but your hair will always grow back. It’s how you look at the situation that will help you cope.

Chant positive affirmations

Chanting may sound silly but it’s an effective way to cope with cancer. When you chant words to yourself, in this case, positive affirmations, you will find stress relief and relaxation. Positive affirmations are words or phrases that make you feel positive and good about yourself. Phrases such as “I will beat lung cancer” and “I am a strong person” will make you more positive. Chanting is a form of meditation and a way to focus on the words and breathing. You may also see improvements in your breathing as well.

Focus on what makes you happy

To be and stay positive, you should do what makes you happy. Think back before you were diagnosed with lung cancer and see what you enjoy doing. What are your passions? Lung cancer does not mean you have to stop all activities that bring you happiness. Such as joining an art class or taking a Zumba class. You can ask a friend to join with you. Make it a regular activity. It will be a great way to transfer all the negativity out and bring in positivity. The physical activity will also help boost your mood.

Positive thinking can lead your life to lots of positive changes. This is definitely needed when you have a lung cancer. Developing an optimistic outlook can be good for both your physical and mental health.

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Review Date: September 11, 2016 | Last Modified: December 8, 2019

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