Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome: Causes and Treatments

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Vaginal Relaxation and Vaginal Rejuvenation

Despite the promise continually made by obstetricians that women’s vagina will go back to normal state after vaginal childbirth, this is wrong. It is known that the size of a normal vagina is equal to the size of a normal penis. Nevertheless, no longer is this true after women go through vaginal childbirth. Vaginal tissues are stretched beyond the limits of their elastic ability because of the vaginal childbirth.  In spite of the healing of the tears and the fact that muscles can be made stronger, the vagina will seemingly forever be larger than the normal penis. This is, for some women, a disorder which is known as Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS).

Do You Experience Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome?

These signs may tell you that you have VRS:

  • As you have intercourse, your vagina feels large and loose.
  • During intercourse, you do not feel the friction.
  • You no longer feel the same sensation with intercourse after the vaginal childbirth.

If you have these symptoms, you certainly have Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome. Also, these can have an effect on your sexual experience.

How Did You Get Vaginal Relaxation?

Usually, Vaginal Relaxation is not something you were born with or something “that one guy” gave to you. Vaginal trauma leads to VRS, and vaginal childbirth is the root cause. If a woman experiences more vaginal deliveries, she may be at the higher risk of suffering from trauma and VRS. Hysterectomy and pelvic surgery can also be considered as other contributing factors to vaginal injury. These causes, however, are not as common as we usually see at VRS if she has not had at least one vaginal delivery.

Our Thoughts

When your vagina is bigger than usual, it does not, by all means, indicates that there is something wrong with it. A lot of women keep enjoying amazing sex lives after they have vaginal childbirth. Nevertheless, should VRS develop and increase, it is likely that the symptoms will be around and get worse. Your mind may be filled with the thoughts that your partner is noticing. You may make every effort to squeeze during intercourse at the thought that it may make the vagina smaller. This will kill the sensation during intercourse.


Up to now, effective results for VRS could only be achieved through invasive surgical treatments such as anterior and posterior vaginal plastic surgery. Postoperative complications related to these procedures may occur, and you may not feel satisfied with the results. The treatment options for atrophy owing to menopause is usually linked with hormone therapy.

IntomaLase is a very effective method. The laser has a photo thermal heating influence on collagen in the vaginal walls which leads to the regrowth and restructuring of the collagen. The consequence of this method is that the vaginal walls thickens and tightens, improving atrophy. This is a very effective, simple, non-surgical procedure which has no pain, and is very safe.

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