We commonly think that high blood pressure just often occurs at older people. But in fact, this disease also comes to children. To prevent that from happening to your child, let follow some tips.

#1 Control the weight

You should know that overweight is the fastest factor leading to high blood pressure. It’s will boost pressure under the blood vessel and if this happens for a long time, it will cause high blood pressure. Therefore, when you discover that your children have some uncontrolled weight gain, let do every method with them to lose weight.

#2 Do physical activity

Nowadays, children seem to be very busy with their study. They have a lot of additional activities to attend besides going to school. And if they have free time they will play games, read the comic, or watch TV all day. Therefore, children these days do very little of physical activities. As a parent, you should spend time to encourage them to take part in outdoor activities and as well as join with them. Physical activities not only give children a good health but also push the stress away. Stress is one of the causes which raise high blood pressure both at children and adult.

#3 Cut down salt as much as you can

Salt is a direct cause that leads to hypertension. According to estimation, each child should just absorb1200 mg of salt each day. If consuming more than that, the child will be affected by not only blood pressure, but also kidney and cardio problems. So, how do we reduce salt?

  • Decrease the amount salt dramatically in the daily diet by making many attracted new dishes for your children.
  • Prevent children from eating fast food and salty snacks such as hamburger, crisps, fried potatoes, and dry chicken, etc. Those include high sodium amount.
  • Read clearly the labels when you buy any types of food. Choose the lowest sodium content products.
  • Use fresh and clean ingredients. That makes you restrict salt while cooking.

#4 Live healthily

To protect your children from this dangerous diseases, let design a healthy lifestyle for your family the tips below.


  • Don’t use much cholesterol food. Avoid dried or fried dishes and grease except for fish oil.
  • Don’t feel angry frequently. Every time you get angry, your blood vessels must bear a big pressure. That’s easy to lead to hypertension.
  • Don’t forget to examine the blood pressure regularly. Especially to children who have manifestations such as a headache, vomit, dizzy, sweat, amblyopia, convulsion.


  • Eat more fish than meat. But you must use fresh food.
  • Sleep on time. A perfect time for sleep is from 10pm to 1am. This time is the best time for the liver to work. Children must sleep enough 8 hours a day.

Hope you will have a necessary information for helping children stay away from hypertension.
Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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