Exercises for Tailbone Pain

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Anything that influences the coccyx can lead to tailbone pain, which is also called coccygodynia. The coccyx is a teensy triangular bone composed of four bones which have never totally developed and lied at the end point of the sacrum of the vertebral column. Tailbone pain usually moves to the lower sacral and perineal areas of the body, and is potentially able to be in both chronic and acute forms. A fall onto the tailbone is the main cause of acute tailbone pain, while many other factors such as malformation of the coccyx, muscle strain, dislocation of the coccyx, bony spurs on the coccyx result in chronic coccygodynia. Tailbone pain symptoms can be alleviated thanks to traditional medical coccygodynia treatment, but daily tender pelvic exercises and stretching can solve the origination of the problem.

Mula Bandha Exercise

Designated as the “root lock” in yoga practice, Mula Bandha is an energy technique related to the contraction of the perineum. This is the section of the pelvic floor located between the anus and genitals. Have these muscles contracted as though you are putting a stop to the urge to urinate or have a bowel movement. Hold for around 10 seconds and redo this practice from three to four times. Practicing this exercise can help stimulate the nerves in the sacral and coccyx area while making the pelvic area stronger. The pain in the coccyx and sacrum can also be alleviated by this exercise.

Cat/Cow Stretch

This exercise’s benefit is to train and stretch the back and neck muscles, enhance blood flow, stimulate spinal nerves, and reduce pain in the back and neck.

Place your body in a faced-down table-top position; under the shoulders are directly your hands and your knees are right below the hips. Round your back up to the ceiling (Cat), and subsequently, bend your back a bit with your head raising up (Cow). Exhale when you perform the Cat stretch. Then, inhale when you perform the Cow stretch. This exercise should be done in 60 seconds.

Yoga Child’s Pose

This exercise can help the muscles of the pelvis become stronger and firmer, stimulate blood flow especially to the pelvic organs, and stretch your back, knee joints and ankles.

Put yourself in kneeling position, then make sure your buttlocks be seated back onto your heels and sink your chest to the floor. On the floor is your arm resting alongside the body, the palms facing upwards to the ceiling. When you hold this stretch, breathe into the stretch lowering to the forehead. Continue drawing into yourself. This stretch should be done in 60 seconds.


This stretch can help massage the muscles and organs around the belly, stimulate blood flow to the coccyx and the spine. Practicing this stretch can enhance the elasticity and flexibility of the spine.

In a lying down position facing up, bend your knees with the soles of your feet located on the floor hip-width apart. Have your arms rested alongside with the body, your palms facing down. Raise the torso to the ceiling by beginning at the hips. Raise the whole torso and hips towards the ceiling. Continue lifting your hips to the air while your heels are pushed into the ground. Make sure your eye direction is down to your navel. This position should be done in 60 seconds.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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