8 tips for parents on supporting their child with lung cancer

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Update Date 12/05/2020
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Has your child been diagnosed with lung cancer recently? Do you find yourself at a position where you don’t know how you can help your child? Here are some 8 tips that can help:

Listen even when your child doesn’t say anything

When young child just received the news that they have lung cancer, they will have a lot of questions. You need to listen to your child and answer all their questions, at least the ones you can. For the questions you can’t answer, you tell them that you can find the answers together. Show support and always remind them that you will be by their side. For teenagers, they tend to shut down and isolate themselves. They might even blame themselves for getting lung cancer. You need to be nonjudgmental and sit with them, encourage them to share their feelings. That is probably one of the most important thing you can do to their well-being.

Educate yourself about cancer

Learning about lung cancer can help you understand what your child is going through. There are many reputable publications and websites about lung cancer, cancer treatments, side effects, and other related concerns. Discuss with your doctor about any concerns or questions you may have. It is important to learn what you can about lung cancer to make the best health decision for your child.

Give advice only when you are asked

With all the information you have, you might try to give out advice every step of the way to show support for your child. You might want them to try out this treatment and that therapy, but all these information can be overwhelming to your child. I know that you mean well, but you need to give them some space to figure things out by themselves. You can talk to your child about how the treatment will affect them and reassure them that you will be there to take care of them.

Support your loved one’s treatment decisions

As a parent, you have the right to decide your child’s treatment. While this is true, your child might want to decide their treatment, especially if your child is a teenager. Show support and respect their choice. If you think another treatment is better for your child, you should discuss with your child before making any decisions for them. Make your child feel included in managing their health. This will help you build trust with your child.

Consider a caregiver

You may choose to quit your job to care for your child, but that might put your family in a financial problem. If you still need to work, you could consider hiring a caregiver. Caregivers take on necessary tasks such as driving to treatment, arranging medical appointments, and providing needed care and emotional support. It may be the support you need.

Stay connected

You and your child are on to a long winding emotional road of treatment. Cancer treatment can be lengthy. It will be hard to keep your optimism up during this long period. You can also encourage family members to call in once in a while to check up on the child.

Don’t do everything for the child

This is really important. Often, parents will try to do everything for their child when the child is sick. Activities can help you take your mind away from taking care of your child. However, it’s helpful to let your child to keep some tasks in the household. This can prevent them from being lazy and give them a chance to be active.

Continue to care after treatment is over

When you finish the cancer treatment, there is no guarantee that your child will be better. They might still go through emotional changes such as thinking how they will fit back in the normal life. While your child may no longer need help getting through treatment, they may still need your emotional support.

It’s a difficult job to be a parent but you need to stay strong for your child. If you are too tired, take some time to take care of yourself. You are an important part of your child treatment plan and even after that.

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