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Update Date 04/12/2019
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According to a report of World Health Organization, the main risk factors of liver cancer include obesity, low consumption of fruit and vegetable, lack of physical activity, tobacco abuse, and alcohol abuse. When your loved one has just diagnosed liver cancer, there are some do and don’t support tips for you to follow.


  • Take your cues from the cancer patients. Some people are very private while others will openly talk about their health condition. Respect the person’s need to share or their need for privacy.
  • Let them know your care about them.
  • Respect their decisions about their treatment, even if you oppose.
  • Invite them in usual plans and social events. Let them be the one to tell you if the commitment is too much to manage.
  • Listen without always feeling that you have to reply. Sometimes a good listener is what your friend needs the most.
  • Expect the person with cancer to have good days and bad days, emotionally and physically.
  • Keep your relationship as normal and balanced as possible with greater patience and compassion. However your friend should continue to respect your feelings, as you respect their feelings.
  • Suggest to help in concrete, specific ways.


  • Give advice they don’t ask for, or be judgmental.
  • Feel you must put up with serious displays of temper or mood swings. You shouldn’t accept disruptive or abusive behavior just because someone is ill.
  • Take things too private. It’s normal for the cancer patient to be quieter than usual, to need time alone, and to be angry at times.
  • Be afraid to talk about the illness.
  • Always feel you have to talk about cancer. The person with cancer may enjoy conversations that don’t involve the illness.
  • Be afraid to hug or touch your friend if that was a part of your friendship before the illness.
  • Be patronizing. Try not to use a “How sick are you today?” tone when asking how the person is doing.
  • Tell the person with cancer, “I can imagine how you must feel,” because you really can’t.

It is uncomfortable if you or your family member is diagnosed of liver cancer. The most important thing is know exactly what you should do and shouldn’t to change your lifestyle and your diet by following the instructions of the doctor. Consult your doctor and your health care provider for more detailed information.

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