Can Smoking Affect Your Child’s Asthma

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One of the unhealthiest habits ever is smoking. Smoking has negative effects on not only the smokers themselves but also other people nearby. In fact, it is exceptionally dangerous for people who have asthma because of the perennial damage which smoking greatly potentially inflicts to the lungs.

Smoking is likely to make the airways swollen, narrowing down the way with sticky mucus occupying all along the airways, and this problem is exactly similar to the ones that can give rise to breathing problems, other asthma symptoms and even asthma attack in people with asthma.

What is second-hand smoke?

The smoke that someone breathes into their lungs is called “mainstream” smoke. Even though some of the mainstream smoke is exhaled, the blood stream and body tissue of the smoker still absorb most of the mainstream smoke and its chemicals.

The smoke which is emitted by the lit end of the cigarette is called “sidestream” smoke. This type of smoke releases more than half of all the pollution given out by a cigarette.

It is the combination of the mainstream smoke exhaled and the sidestream smoke released by the lit end of the cigarette that becomes second-hand smoke.

The dangers of second-hand smoke

No doubt that second-hand smoke is one of the most common yet perilous causes of asthma. You should think about quitting smoking if your child – or anyone in your family – has asthma. Second-hand smoke is really detrimental to the lungs, likely to trigger long-term breathing problems as well as aggravate the current breathing problems.

When living in households with smokers, kids with asthma, in addition to having flare-ups more often, are at higher risks of going to emergency room with serious asthma flare-ups. Due to the worsened asthma, they may also have to skip class and make use of extra asthma medicine.

The fact that parents usually smoke can also put their children even who do not have asthma at all in danger of particular problems. There is every likelihood that these kids will suffer from middle ear infections, upper respiratory infections, and even pneumonia. If kids happen to be surrounded by smoke from 10 cigarettes or more, they are even at higher stake of developing asthma even though there is no occurrence of breathing problems before.

Cigarette smoke can grip upholstery, carpeting, clothing with carcinogens which you cannot wash away even with soap and water. This is called third-hand smoke. Playing around, eating, touching or inhaling close to polluted surfaces of this third-hand smoke can put kids on the very edge of developing breathing problems.

One more thing, kids who have parents enjoying smoking will have a tendency to make a habit of smoking as well when they grow old.

If you find quitting smoking so difficult, you can consult with your doctor to receive strategies and effective medications.

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