How To Prevent Balding

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As you age, you will gradually lose your hair thickness. Your hairline will march backward, and your scalp will be more and more visible through your hair layer. Although this process is predetermined by genetic factors, you can still save the hair you got left and maybe grow some more using the two following ways:

Minoxidil foams or lotions

If you do not love the idea of taking oral pills, but still wish to prevent further hair loss, minoxidil is the answer you are seeking. You will have to use it twice a day for the rest of your life. Fortunately, no prescription is needed to buy minoxidil. What is even better is that minoxidil has almost no side-effects. There has not been a clear scientific explanation for how minoxidil works. Researchers believe it can enlarge the hair follicles and promote the growth. However, if you intend to take minoxidil, you need to be really patient since it can take up to four months before you can see a visible change. In some cases, minoxidil is reported to irritate the scalp, causing it to itch and flake. Therefore, people who have sensitive skin should take precaution when using minoxidil. Finasteride should be gentler than the foam formulation,

Finasteride pills

For those who cannot use minoxidil for any reason, finasteride seems to be the only choice left. Finasteride works by restraining the production of dihydrotestosterone, the hormone responsible for hair loss. If you have the genetic predisposition for baldness, dihydrotestosterone will get to your sensitive hair follicles until those follicles die. Finasteride is able to slow down the balding process in most people. Many who take the pills notice visible hair regrowth.

Finasteride pills can be used in combination with minoxidil for the best results. You can use minoxidil, finasteride, or both of them, whatever you please. However, you must stick to your choice. There is no cure to baldness. The best you can do is showing some commitment to stall your problem. Once you stop the treatment, your hair will fall again, even faster.

With enough time and effort, you will be able to see an improvement in your hair. Your genes may give you the problem, but it does not necessarily how you end up. At first, it may seem pretty inconvenient since you have to remember to apply minoxidil or take the finasteride pills every day. But once you get used to the treatment, they will just become a part of your life.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnose or treatment.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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