Help Your Loved Ones Overcome Running Injuries

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Since running is a kind of high-impact exercises, the injuries caused when running can be severe.  Getting hurt during a run can be a traumatic experience for your loved ones. Overcoming running injuries is a challenging task. In any cases, your help is very important to get your loved ones back on track.

Do not rush.

Your loved ones will probably think they have wasted precious time laying in bed while they could have had a run and excelled themselves with new records. Therefore, it is common that they have a tendency to put effort into rushing their training to make up for what they have missed. This is the notion that sends most of the runners back to hospital. You need to stop your loved ones from hurting themselves again. Tell them to be patient with their body because it needs time to balance. They should run, but not too hard or too fast or in a long time. When their body has fully recovered, they can continue their running as they wish.

Do not compare

Runners keep setting records of their performance. Competition and comparison are their habits. However, you should advise your loved one to break themselves of this habit, at least for a while. They will be tempted into drawing comparison between the present performance and that in the past, or between their performance and the fellow runners’. This can potentially make them feel competitive, angry, even disappointed in themselves and more likely to rush training. Rather than letting them keep looking into the past, you should advise your loved ones to focus on their present achievement. What they need to do is await a full recovery. Today they run slowly, but some day in the future, they can run faster than ever. Encourage them to be patient and eventually, their efforts will pay off. The old runner in them will come back, maybe even better.

Keep an eye on the old injuries

Pain in training is a sign of previous injuries coming back due to impacts that running exerts on your body. Your loved ones need to notice this and have medical attention immediately. If the injuries are not something concerning, the pain may be because your loved one is training too hard. Those exercises could be easy as a cake for them in the past, but with current injuries – or after they have injuries – they can easily get worse if we do not have careful exercises. You should advise them to lower the intensity of their training to an extent that their body stops crying out for help. Keep resting until the pain goes away, then slowly continue the training time.

Running injuries can hurt your loved ones, both physically and mentally. The feeling of not being able to run as they used to could damage their ego enormously. In addition to their patience, your patience is, too, very important.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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