Important Facts About Seizure Safety and Prevention


A seizure is a disorder of the brain which happens when there is a change in normal brain activity. Seizures can cause a person to fall, shake or lose awareness of what is going on. Here are some important facts about seizure safety and prevention

How is seizure prevented?

You can prevent seizure by the most common ways.

Some problems in the pregnancy and childbirth may trigger seizures. It is important to follow the guidance of prenatal care to keep you and baby healthy.

Brain injuries are the most common cause of seizures. Prevent brain injuries while driving or playing sports by wearing helmets or secure equipment. High blood pressure and infection can also have effects on the brain and lead to seizures. Make sure that you properly treat such disorders.

Seizures can be the side effect of stroke and heart disease. Try to lower the chances of stroke and heart disease as much as possible to prevent seizure.

You also can prevent seizure by vaccinations.

Cysticercosis infections can lead to seizures. Remember to wash your hands and prepare food safely.

How can you treat seizure?

There are many treatments for seizure, but the most common ones are:


If you have a seizure, your doctor may prescribe you anti-seizure drugs to limit the spread of seizures in the brain. Most of the patients find the effect of drugs on their seizures.


Surgery may be necessary in case that seizure moves to a single area of the brain to stop potential serious seizure which can cause harm to your life. Sometimes, a small operation is processed to make seizure easier to control with medicines.

Other treatment

If medications and surgery do not work, you can consider other options, such as vagus nerve stimulation, ketogenic diet, etc.

How can you manage your seizure?

Self-care is really important to manage seizure by these tips:

  • Take your medicines
  • Talk with your doctor or nurse when you have questions
  • Recognize seizure triggers
  • Keep a record or diary of your seizures, what you did before the seizure happens, what you did to stop it.
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid stress
  • Keep active

Important facts about seizure

  • People with seizure mostly can do the same things that other people without seizure can do.
  • Anyone can develop epilepsy. Seizures start for the first time in people over age 65 almost as often as it does in children. Seizures in the elderly are often the after effect of other health problems like stroke and heart disease.
  • A seizure is a chronic medical problem. Even though some people are successfully treated, but treatment does not work for everyone.
  • You can die from it. While death in epilepsy doesn’t happen frequently, epilepsy is a very serious condition and individuals do die from seizures.
  • Epilepsy is not contagious. You simply can’t catch epilepsy from another person.
  • You can’t swallow your tongue during a seizure. It’s physically impossible.

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