High blood pressure during pregnancy could elevate the risk of a future stroke


High blood pressure during gravidness could dangerously raise a woman’s risk of stroke, according to a 2013 study presented at the Canadian Stroke Congress.

Problems caused by hypertension

A study show that women with high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia will have higher risk of stroke, which is up to 40%. Moreover, It is showed that those with a history of hypertension in pregnancy are more possibly to experience stroke in later life.

Two to three percent of the pregnancies suffer hypertension, which is a common medical problem occur during pregnancy. Hypertension can lead to many risks like a decrease in blood flow to the placenta or early delivery.

Hypertension also causes other sickness such as cesarean delivery, preterm delivery, placental abruption and restrict the development of the fetal. High blood pressure can decrease the floe of nutrition that transfer to the fetal, which required early delivery. Furthermore, cesarean delivery brings risks of infection, injury to internal organs and bleeding.

Prevent the risk of stroke

Although the blood pressure of pregnant women will be monitored in the whole period, they still do not have a specific guideline to check the problem related to stroke or to prevent it. Therefore, pregnant women should notice any signs such as re-emergence for hypertension, cholesterol or gestational diabetes and factors that can increase the risk of stroke.

We can identify the exact cause of hypertension in pregnant women , but one theory is that some women are genetically predisposed to high blood pressure and It come back or start to appear in the pregnancy period. Their condition may return to normal after giving birth, but these women need to keep an eye on their blood pressure and try to reduce the risk of future stroke.

Hypertension is the most dangerous factors that impact stroke, understanding your blood pressure therefore is very important steps to eliminate stroke, especially with women with a history of pregnancy-associated hypertension.

Besides, seeing the healthcare provider is a thing to do, as you need to check whether the hypertension is under control and whether it do affect your health or not. Especially in the case that you gain too much weight, you should try to reduce your weight before pregnancy. Anyways, it is necessary to prepare well before having a baby, such as medical condition.

An increase is an indication that they should to talk to their doctor about their risk factors and overall vascular health. The bottom line is that women with pregnancy-related hypertension routinely monitor their blood pressure all over their lives.”

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