How to Clear Phlegm from Your Throat

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What is phlegm?

When you get sick, you notice that in the back of your throat exists a thick, viscid thing. That is phlegm. Not many people know that this mucus is always there. The mucus membranes that line your mouth, nose, throat, sinuses, lungs are in charge of yielding phlegm. Your respiratory system can be shielded and supported by this phlegm. In order to trap things such as viruses, dust, allergens, mucus has to be sticky. However, mucus is hardly to be noticed when you’re healthy. When you get sick, the existence of the phlegm is clearer due to the purpose to trap exotic substances.

Phlegm plays a good role in your respiratory system. Nevertheless, should phlegm bother you, you may wish to dilute or clear it from your throat. Here are some ways to remove phlegm from your throat.

Gargle salt water

You should gargle warm salt water to remove phlegm which resides on the back of your throat. Under the influence of salt water, bacteria can be removed, too, and your sore throat can be alleviated.

Warm salt water is the best option owing to its ability to dissolve salt effectively. Sip a bit of the mixture and tilt your head back slightly. Then, you allow the mixture to flow into the throat but do not drink it. Gently blow air up from your lungs to gargle. After half-minute to one minute, you spit out the water. You can repeat if needed.

Stay hydrated

Make sure you take in enough liquids, particular warm ones. This can flow your mucus away. Because water is able to carry away the mucus, it can slacken your congestion. Here are some liquids you should try: juice, lemon water, decaffeinated tea. They would be better if they are warm.

Consume respiratory health-promoting ingredients

You are suggested to absorb foods and beverages that have lemon, ginger, and garlic. There is a belief that these ingredients can be used as an effective treatment of cold, coughs, and is capable of removing mucus. Moreover, spicy foods that carry capsaicin make a good contribution to clearing sinuses and removing mucus momentarily. There are some examples such as cayenne and chili peppers. It has been scientifically believed that you can avert and cure viral respiratory diseases by the foods and supplements mentioned here:

  • Oral zinc
  • Berries
  • Guava tea
  • Ginseng
  • Echinacea

Take over-the-counter (OTC) remedies

You can make use of OTC medicines to remove the mucus. Decongestants is one of the suggested OTC thanks to its function to reduce the mucus originated from your nose. Remember that this mucus should not be confused with phlegm. However, the mucus can cause chest congestion. With decongestants, the nose can stop swelling and the airways can be airy.

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