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Healthy Living, Oral Health
Smoking and Oral Health
Needless to say, smoking has a huge impact on one’s oral health. Long-term tobacco use may result in various dental problems and gum diseases.
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Healthy Living, Psychology
Tips to Deal with Fights When Traveling as a Couple
Needless to say, traveling will give you stress as unexpected things keep arising. As a result, it’s easy to fight while traveling.
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Sexual Health, Healthy Living
Facts about Female Condoms
Female condoms made from polyurethane can be used with any type of lubricants while latex male condoms can’t be used with oil-based lubricants.
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Healthy Living, Psychology
Things People with OCD Want You to Know
People with OCD don’t lose connect with reality. They may be overwhelmed with scary thoughts and self-harm intention that others think they are crazy.
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Sexual Health, Healthy Living
Changes in Your Vagina As You Age
Estrogen loss may result in dramatic changes in the way your vagina looks and functions. The opening and the length of the canal may shrink.
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