Tips to Help Your Child with Ramadan Fasting

By Medically reviewed by Duyen Le, MD.

In Islam, it is not until puberty that a person has to fast. However, many young children choose to go for fasting during Ramadan. Thus, parents need to have tips to bring about an easy and enjoyable Ramadan fasting to their children. Below are tips to introduce your child to fasting for the first time.

How to prepare for the Ramadan fasting?

Preparation plays a vital part in a child’s first fasting experience. You need to give them a basic understanding of fasting, including why people fast and what people earn after the holy practice. Once the child has the full knowledge of fasting, they will have the inspiration and motivation to fast. The etiquettes of fasting include observing good behaviors, offering help to those in need, limiting the use of offensive language, and practicing prayers with other people. You should also teach them about the importance of Suhur (the pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (the meal taken at dusk).

Tips to work through Ramadan

Once the Ramadan starts, your child will experience changes in their eating plan and also sleeping habit for the whole month long. This is for sure not an easy mission. Thus, we here provide you with professional advice from Doctor Kalpana Sengupta-Pediatrician and Doctor Javaid Shah-Physician Specialist.

Tip 1: Tell your kids to go to sleep early so the next day they wake up in time for the pre-dawn meal (Suhur). In addition, getting enough sleep saves the children from being sleep deprived while keeping them attentive during school.

Tip2: Make sure the Suhur you prepare for the kids, besides milk and eggs, contains other healthy and high energy foods. Make fresh juices and other healthy drinks for children to help them avoid dehydration. Keep in mind that it’s important to add fruits and veggies to the menu.

Tip 3: Do not push the children when they are enjoying their Suhur.  Add some pleasure to the meal with interesting stories. Those stories can be yours on your first fast.

Tip 4: After the Suhur, offer the kids some nap. An eight-hour sleep at nighttime and a short nap at daytime will make it easier for them.

Tip 5: Involve the children in different practices during the day to make the Ramadan more enjoyable and meaningful. You can let them do charity work such as making the prayers with family and friends or feeding the poor.

Tip 6: Limit activities that cost much energy, such as intense exercises. They may make the kids weak and thirty.

Tip 7: Ask the kids to prepare the Iftar with you. You can let them make their favorite dishes or desserts.

Tip 8: During the fast, dates and water are the best foods. Meanwhile, fried and junk foods together with sugary foods and refined foods should be out of the menu. Instead, you can make some home cooked soups containing necessary minerals and salts.

Tip 9: Fasting without Suhur is not suitable for kids since they are not physically strong enough for such demanding eating plan.

Tip 10: After the children successfully go through the fast, give them small gifts as a motivation.

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