Many men give themselves the right to choose when to wear condoms. However, just because they are the ones whom condoms are on, it doesn’t make condoms solely their choice. When two people have sex, they are both responsible for each other’s health. It’s his job to wear condoms so you don’t get sexually transmitted diseases and a surprise baby. But men are good at making excuses not to wear condoms. Here are the most common excuses and how to beat them:

“I’m healthy”

Sexually transmitted diseases may not show any symptoms. Almost 70% women and 50% men with chlamydia do not have any symptom at all. He may not have sores and warts, but there is a chance that he already has the virus in place. Even if he’s able to provide you with negative blood test result, you still need to worry about unwanted pregnancy.

“I don’t want to wear condoms.”

Using a condom is much more easier than treating sexually transmitted diseases. Besides, condoms can be fun, too. Try different texture, color, and flavor. If he has the heart to tell you this after you have tried to explain everything to him, you should be able to tell him you don’t want to have sex with him anymore.

Condoms reduce sensitivity.

Don’t let the man fool you with this excuse. Brands now sell condoms that are so thin that you can’t even feel if there is one on. Besides, there are condoms specifically designed to increase sensitivity for the both of you. Nevertheless, tell him he may enjoy the reduced sensitivity if he has the habit of coming too quickly.

“I don’t have it.”

This excuse is pretty easy to deal with. Always keep some condoms near your bed and some others in your bag. Even if you don’t plan to have sex, it’s best to have condoms handy all the time, just to be safe.

“I’m too big nothing fits me.”

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. As long as he is still a human being, there will be something that fits him. Look at his feet. He doesn’t go barefoot because he’s a big guy, does he? If he can find the right shoe size, he should care enough to find the right condom size.

“I’m allergic to condoms.”

Some men are allergic to latex. But there are condoms made from plastic (polyurethane). Ask him to switch to plastic condoms. If he still refuses to use condoms, he’s certainly just making excuses. You can proceed to tell him that you are allergic to bare penises.

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