Week 29


Baby Development

How is my baby growing?

Your baby now is about the size of a butternut squash, weighs 1,1kg and length is 38,1cm from head to heel.

Your baby continues to be active. Those first few flutters of movement have given way to hard jabs and punches that may take your breath away. If you notice a decrease in movement, count your baby’s kicks. He or she should move at least 10 times in two hours. If your baby moves less, talk to your doctor to make sure that your baby is still fine.

Body & Life Changes

How is my body changing?

You may feel uncomfortable because of some old symptoms such as heartburn and constipation now. The reason is the pregnancy hormone progesterone relaxes smooth muscle tissue throughout your body including your gastrointestinal tract. This relaxation can cause gas and heartburn and contribute to constipation.

Your growing uterus may also be contributing to hemorrhoids. These swollen blood vessels in your rectal area are common during pregnancy. Fortunately, they usually clear up in the weeks after giving birth, so you should not worry about it.

What should I be concerned about?

At the end of pregnancy, you may feel that your baby’s movements will decrease. Your baby now has less space to move around the womb be cause he or she is growing up, especially when his or her head drop into the pelvic area. Decrease of the baby’s movements in the third trimester can show that your baby is at risk. The problems might be the cord or the placenta. To make sure that everything is fine, you should have a checkup or meeting with your doctor.

Doctor Visits

What should I tell my doctor?

You should go to your doctor right away if you worry when feel that your baby moves less. Your doctor may ask you about the last time that you can feel your bayby’s movements how many times that you can feel his or her movements within a few hours. Don’t worry because the doctor may just want to check your baby’s condition and to ensure everything is fine. If there are any problems with your baby, your doctor may recommends you should give premature birth or the doctor will give you some supportive methods. You might see some spider veins on your skin, which are red dimples spread from the belly center and look like spider legs. You may also see them on your face, your neck, breast or arms. Don’t worry because they will disappear after delivery a few weeks. This is just the result of the increase of blood circulation when you are pregnant.

What tests should I know about?

You might have to meet your doctor regularly next month, every 2 weeks at first and then every week until your delivery. In the test of this month, your blood pressure and weight will be measured, you may be asked about any signs and symptoms you might have. Your doctor may also asks you to describe your baby’s movements and activities schedule: when your baby moves and when he or she does not. You would be checked the size of uterus as usual.

Health & Safety

What should I know about being healthy and safe while pregnant?

Getting your hair permed 

Do you want to get a perm during pregnancy? You absolutely can have a permed hair and it is not a big problem to your health. But you have to remember that pregnancy hormones change the composition and texture of your hair, so the texture of your hair depends on your condition. This change may affect your hair after perming.

Lead poisoning

You should avoid things that have lead during pregnancy. Your health will be at risk if you eat food, which contain lead, working with lead or contact with art works or cosmetics which have lead. Do you know that studies show that contacting with lead during pregnancy can make you at high risk of miscarriage and your baby has a low IQ?

How will the baby’s growing in next week?

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