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What pregnant women need to know in week 22 of pregnancy?


Baby Development

How my baby growing?

Your baby is now the size of a pumpkin with a length of about 27.9 cm from head to toe and weighs 453g. He’s beginning to look like a newborn when his lips, eyelids and eyebrows become clearer.

The child senses that are used to learn about the world is growing every day. Taste buds have started to form on the tongue. The baby can now feel your touch by stroking the face or sucking on a thumb, as well as feeling other parts of the body and look the way they move.

The reproductive organs of the baby continue to grow. In boys, the testes have begun to move down from the abdomen, and in girls, the uterus and ovaries are put into place and vagina start to develop.

Body & Life Changes

How is my body changing?

If you still do not feel anything, you will soon notice your uterus practicing for labor by abnormal contractions, no pain known as Braxton Hicks physiology contractions. You can feel the contractions, which squeeze in the belly. Don’t worry as this do not affects your child. However, if the contractions become more intense, painful, or more often, please contact your doctor immediately as this may be a sign of preterm labor.

What should I be concerned about?

During this time, in addition to your enlarging stomach, your limbs will become extremely awkward and clumsy. The clumsiness during pregnancy is caused by the loosening of joints and ligaments or fluid retention. Both of these factors can make the ability to hold onto things. Other factors include lack of focus because you have amnesia during pregnancy and lack of dexterity as a result of carpal tunnel syndrome. But surely, this awkwardness will not compensate for losing your balance when your abdomen is bigger and move your focus changes.

Doctor Visits

What should I tell my doctor?

When you’re pregnant, over your underwear often have pink or red streaks. Small blood streaks in the 6th month onwards is very normal situation. It is often caused by the cervix becoming sensitive due to inside tests or sex, or sometimes it is simply activated by unknown causes.

However, tell your doctor about any bleeding or spotting traces of blood in case it is a sign of something more serious that it is going on. If you bleed a lot or if the blood spots occur with pain or feeling of discomfort, call your doctor immediately. Your doctor will perform an ultrasound to identify any medical problems.

What tests should I know about?

Until now, going to doctor has started to become a habit. You may expect that the doctor will check list some items as follows, although there may be different depending on your specific needs and how to check:

  • Measure your weight and blood pressure;
  • Check urine for glucose and protein;
  • Check the fetal heart rate;
  • Measure the size of the uterus by external palpation (feeling from the outside) to see how it correlates to the date of birth;
  • The height of the bottom position (top of the uterus);
  • Check the swelling of hands and feet, check the varicose veins in the legs;
  • The symptoms you have experienced, especially those symptoms are not normal;
  • Have a list ready of questions or issues you want to discuss with your doctor.

Health & Safety

What should I know about being healthy and safe while pregnant?

Is it good to eat honey during pregnancy? There is nothing in theory to say that you cannot eat honey during pregnancy. The spores in honey will not affect the fetus, so it can be said that eating honey is safe. The risk occurs when honey according to theory may be poisoning caused by Clostridium botulinum. However, avoid eating raw honey is worthwhile because it has not been pasteurized.

Pregnant mothers should not eat any food that has not been pasteurized because it may contain pathogenic organisms.

So next week the fetus will grow like what?

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