Treating Schizophrenia During Pregnancy


Schizophrenia includes these subtypes: catatonic, disorganized, paranoid, residual, and undifferentiated. Schizophrenia is a psychosis and it looks like:

  • Hallucinations: you see or hear things which are not really there.
  • Delusions: you mistake but hold a strong belief that is totally wrong. For example, you believe you are a famous person or you have a superpower.
  • Disorganized speech: you use words or expressions that make no senses to other people.
  • Strange behavior: you act in either an odd or repetitive way. For example, you keep walking in circles or writing constantly or keeping quiet for hours.
  • Withdrawn and lifeless: you do not show any feelings or motivation. You lose interest in our favorite activities as well.

How to realize that you have schizophrenia?

A person with schizophrenia will have 2 or more of those symptoms for at least 6 months. One of the symptoms must be hallucination, delusion, or disorganized speech. Other times, if there is a voice that keeps giving you comments about thoughts and actions, you may suffer from schizophrenia as well.

It can also be schizophrenia if you have different symptoms at different times and those symptoms can get better or worse over time.

Schizophrenia and pregnancy

Anyone has the right to start a family, even if they are patients with schizophrenia. Luckily, you can still have a healthy baby when suffering from this condition. There are some things that you should know, though. You may need help during your pregnancy and after the birth. The early stage of child raising also requires support. It’s advisable to have some discussion with your GP, mental health doctor, and a pediatrician for best advice about a treatment plan and changes in lifestyle so that you can have a healthy pregnancy.

Medicine for schizophrenia

Medicines for schizophrenia will help the patients avoid these situations:

  • Not having proper prenatal care, which is extremely important to the mother and also the unborn child.
  • Not getting sufficient nutrition during pregnancy.
  • Taking medicine or supplement without being aware of its negative effects on the baby.
  • Consuming alcohol, drugs or other harmful items.

Many people would have concerns about the use of medicine in pregnancy, considering the baby’s wellness. Talking with your doctor will be helpful.

You need to inform your doctor all about the medications you are taking, whether it’s to treat schizophrenia or to cope with the side effects of schizophrenia medicines.

For the best, let the doctor know as soon as you figure out about your pregnancy.

On knowing the information, your doctor can help you make a proper decision on which medicines to take. They can also cope with any complications that may arise during the pregnancy.

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