Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman


Pregnant women are vulnerable, physically and also mentally. Thus, there are words we should say to them under no circumstances.

“You look like you’re ready to pop!”

Pregnant women never hope to hear how massive they look. They can feel it on their own, with all the tiredness and frustration. Thus, we don’t need to remind them, which can, in fact, hurt their feelings. Instead of the phrase “ready to pop”, we can switch to “ How do you feel?” By this, we can show how much care for them.

“Can I touch your belly?”

If you are the pregnant woman’s family member or friend, never pose this question. Her belly is not any community property. What should you say then? “What a cute belly!”

“Have you prepared a name?”

The struggle on deciding a name for the newborn is already aggressive between father and mother-to-be.  Therefore, any input from others would add more oil to the fire. Just use another way of asking “Is there any fun picking a name?” She would tell you the name if the thing is decided.

“You shouldn’t eat/drink that”

A pregnant woman wants the best for her baby. In addition, she has already got suggestions and restrictions from a specialist. Dr. Stranger should not get in the way. If you really concern about that food she’s eating, just say “Does that look good?”

“Morning sickness did not come to me.”

Each of us is different from others. Thus, telling a pregnant woman suffering from nonstop tiredness that you never experienced morning sickness is really a crime. Why do you have to brag about yourself like that while you can simply ask “How do you do? Any discomfort or morning sickness?”

 “I was sick all my pregnancy.”

Contrast to the bragging above, however, a threat is enough to show your insensitivity. The pregnant woman does not want to be terrified more. Your story should remain untold for the best. A consolation such as “Don’t worry, you will feel better!” is more helpful.

“I was ripped open completely.”

Similarly, this sentence is categorized into the horror section. Just like pregnancy, giving birth is not the same for everybody. Your bad experience should not be shared to make a new mom panic. Why don’t you say  “I had a hard time giving birth, but not everyone suffers the same, so don’t worry.”

“Enjoy every second of this pregnancy now because once it’s over, you will miss it”

Pregnancy is a hard time for any woman especially those in their first. All that morning sickness, sleepless nights, nausea, and fatigue have taken away all her energy. Thus, do not tell her to treasure this desperate period of time. She’ll know it sooner or later.

What to say then? “Pregnancy is a hard time but it’s worth it!”

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