How to Relieve Heartburn during Pregnancy


Heartburn will plague most expectant mothers at some point during pregnancy. This is mainly due to the changes of hormones. Normally, your stomach has a valve staying at its top to manage and keep the digested foods and the stomach acid down. During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone will relax this valve, making the stomach acid and digested foods occasionally squeeze back up to the gullet. When this happens, the mom-to-be probably feels a burning sensation in the chest. Fortunately, there are safe and effective methods to help pregnant women relieve heartburn.

1. Control daily meals

Eat less at each meal and increase the density of the meals are not only recommended for losing weight but also extremely helpful for those suffering from heartburn. Overeating will trigger heartburn as your stomach could not create enough room to handle a large amount of food at once. Many pregnant women think that gaining weight will be good for the child. In fact, it may have adverse effects. In fact, overeating causes excessive weight gain which puts more pressure on the abdomen and triggers heartburn. So, divide your big meal into small ones to make it easier for your body. By maintaining a healthy diet plan, you will be able to prevent heartburn in the short term and create good eating habit throughout the pregnancy.

2. Eat a stick of chewing gum after big meals

Eating gums can be helpful in reducing excess stomach acids. If you feel like you a having a heartburn, pop a stick of chewing gum. If you don’t want artificial sweeteners, pick a sugarless gum instead.

3. Try massage therapy

By adding three to four drops of essential oils with a lemon, orange or ginger scent to a teaspoon of base oil and then massaging it into your chest and upper back, your heartburn will fade away through exhalation.

4. Try natural remedies

If you think over-the-counter remedies will not do good for your health, there are some popular folk remedies that are worth trying. To relieve your annoying heartburn, try these 3 simple remedies:
– Papaya: Ripe papayas are not only delicious but also effective at relieving heartburn.
– Almonds: Having some almonds after meals helps you settle your uneasy stomach as well as provides more calcium for your body.
– Honey: Pour a tablespoon of honey into a warm cup of milk and take a slip. Besides reducing heartburn, it helps you have better sleep as well.

5. Take medicines

In case the methods above do not work for you, maybe it’s time to seek for your doctor advice. They will probably prescribe you with heartburn medicines which are harmless to your baby. Medicines like proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) or H2 blockers may be helpful in this situation.

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