Frequent Urination during Pregnancy


There are many changes that happen to your body when you are pregnant. Urination is one of them. You may find it unbearable to have to visit the toilet so often every day. This can keep you up all night and is very annoying. This article will explain to you why it happens and how to prevent this.

What causes frequent urination during pregnancy?

Increased urinary frequency is caused by the peak of the hormones progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin. In the second trimester, the urges die down and the uterus becomes higher, which reduces the pressure in your bladder. During pregnancy, your body’s fluid levels also begin to go up. Your kidneys, as a result, have to work harder to eliminate these fluids, and at the same time, the amount of urine will increase. The baby’s growing size puts even more pressure on your bladder. This pressure creates an urgency with which you have to go the toilet to empty your bladder.

What are the symptoms

The obvious symptom is the frequent urge to urinate; however, the amount of urine you release will be very little or nothing at all. During pregnancy, some women also experience leakage when they cough, exercise, laugh or sneeze.

How is it diagnosed?

Urinary frequency and urgency can be diagnosed according to your symptoms. You may need to take some tests such as:

−Urinalysis, which tracks for bacteria in the urine
−Ultrasound, which can identify abnormalities in your bladder, kidneys or urethra.
−Bladder stress test, which measures how much urine is leaking when you cough or crouch down.
Cystoscopy, which involves inserting a thin, lighted scope with a camera into the urethra in order to check the bladder and the urethra.

When to worry about your urination

UTIs (Urinary tract infections) are the most common bacterial infection in pregnant women. If not treated properly, they can cause a kidney infection and preterm delivery.

Symptoms of UTIs include:

−The cloudy presence of urine
−Red, pink, or concentrated urine
−Smelly or foul urine
−Burning sensation or pain when urinating

Make sure to inform your doctor when you have these symptoms.

Treatment for frequent urination during pregnancy

Kegel exercises
Practicing this kind of exercise can help you gain control over your bladder. Ideally, you should practice Kegel exercises three times a day. The steps include:

−Tightening the muscles of your pelvic floor by imitating the act of stopping urinating.
−In 10 seconds, keep your muscles at that state.
−Release the tightened muscles.
−Do it over again for 15 times.
Treatment at home
Water is very important to your health as well as your baby’s, so do not cut down on your water intake just to avoid going to the toilet. Keep a journal or diary of your trips to the bathroom to keep track of the frequency, as well as lean forward while urinating. Plan in your head to go to the toilet at these times or before them in order to avoid unwanted leakage in your daily activities.

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