Fitness for Pregnancy: Dos & Don'ts


Exercises of any types, from jogging to mountain climbing, do wonders to our health. However, if you are planning to have a baby, what should you remember when it comes to exercise?

Get to know the miraculous properties

Turning exercise into a habit before getting pregnant will later make your pregnancy more bearable. Exercise builds you great stamina to endure labor and delivery better. Also, after the baby is born, you can lose weight faster. For those who have problems with infertility because of overweight issues or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), exercise can be your savior. Don’t wait to build yourself a conception-friendly exercising plan in which all the most suitable exercises are included.

Kick off immediately

Many people choose to have their fitness program after they have found out about their pregnancy. However, there is another better idea that being in good shape from the early days of fetal development is critical. You should know that the mother’s wellness has a strong connection to the unborn baby’s health. Thus, be early, be better. What’s more, if doing exercise becomes your habit now, you’ll find it easier to stick with it once you’re pregnant with the baby getting bigger day by day.

Make your own combination

Add all of your favorite activities to the list. By this, you would always have a backup plan ready. For example, how can going for a walk be possible on a rainy day? Go to a Yoga class instead. Swimming is highly recommended by specialists since it is not only zero-impact but also a means to reduce the burden of pregnancy. Once in the water, the mother-to-be can be free from all the excessive weight.

Get your core strengthened

As the baby grows, your belly along with your breasts gets bigger, making your center of gravity shift. As a result, other parts of your body get strained. Thus, strengthening your core is important. According to experts, women who have strong abdominal and back muscles are less likely to experience back pain during pregnancy. Core training also brings about other benefits. It provides you with better balance and posture, which are critical for a pregnant woman.

Save weight loss for later

If you do exercise to prepare for your prenatal health, weight loss should not be your priority. Along with exercise, a balanced and nutritious diet is a must. Your body needs a proper amount of nutrition to nourish your future baby.

Avoid too intense training

If you are a big fan of intense training, it’s time to make some changes. It’s OK to cover those exercises before the conception, however, ever since the baby presents, moderate exercises are better.

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