11 Tips For Relieving Low Back Pain During Pregnancy


Back pain is one of the most common conditions that pregnant women go through during pregnancy. While it is something many moms experience, back pain should not be ignored. If your back pain is causing you trouble, try out these tips to relieve low back pain during pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice from India that is followed by many people. Prenatal yoga is meant for pregnant moms who have backs, muscles, joints, and nerves are in pain from the pressure from the baby. Moreover, prenatal yoga helps ease stress, allow better sleep and relaxation.


Acupuncture originates from East Asian. This technique uses fine needles to puncture the pressure points on the body. Acupuncture is said to remove blockages that prevent the body’s energy (qi) to flow around. If used correctly, acupuncture is said to be able to reduce symptoms of morning sickness such as nausea and headaches, as well as ease digestion and reduce pain.

Prenatal massage

A massage can reduce muscle clenching that often leads to back pain, calm the mind and ease depression and anxiety in pregnant moms. Swedish massage is the most common for pregnant women as the strokes are gentle and soothing. Make sure to visit a licensed therapist for prenatal massages.


Chiropractic is often associated with “cracking joints” method, which may not sound very pleasant to a pregnant woman. However, an experienced chiropractor can manipulate the joints and the soft tissues around them safely to reduce pain and regain balance to the joints.

Physical therapy

Besides giving recovery to patients, physical therapists can also help pregnant women fight their back pain. Similar to the mentioned methods, physical therapy work on the joints, muscles and pressure points to reduce pain. A physical therapist also shows you how to walk, sit, stand to reduce pressure on the low back to relieve the pain.


Unlike yoga or massage, you don’t need fancy equipment to practice meditation. You can simply sit or lie down in a quiet place and focus on breathing. Meditation triggers a “relaxation response” in the body, which in turn makes the brain release fewer stress hormones. If stress hormone levels are low, you will feel better about your back pain.


Swimming is the number one sport for pregnant moms. No one can deny that exercising reduces pain and ache in the body. By exercising under water, there is less pressure on the spine, thus creating less pain, while you still get the full benefits of the exercise.

Sleep support

It is difficult to get a good sleep during pregnancy with the baby pressing on your bladder, making you have to wake up multiple times for a visit to the washroom. Having back pain can only make sleeping a challenge for moms. To give your back support during bedtime, roll up a big towel and leave it along your body; or have a pillow between your knees when you sleep. Avoid sleeping on your back.

Wear a maternity belt

A maternity belt is a pregnancy supportive garment that acts like the abdominal core muscles to hold up the belly so there is less pressure on the spine. Doctors often recommend pregnant women to use maternity belts, but do not only rely on them to treat back pain.

Wear the proper shoes

During pregnancy, it is advised that you should forgo the high heels. High heels accentuate the curves of your back and only make back pain worse. Plus, there is a risk of losing balance and falling from wearing high heels. Instead, opt for flats and shoes with a soft sole.


If your back pain doesn’t stop from using the mentioned methods, you should consult your doctor for medications to treat back pain. During pregnancy, some medications, such as Acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), naproxen (Aleve) or meloxicam (Mobic) can be used to reduce back pain. Keep in mind to always consult with your doctor before taking any medications during pregnancy.

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