Why Abortion Is Safer than Childbirth


Risks of abortion

There are many risks that an abortion could bring to a woman. They include:

−Womb infection. One out of ten abortions results in womb infection. This infection can be treated by using antibiotics.
−Remained parts of pregnancy. After the abortion procedure, there are possibly parts of the pregnancy that are not completely taken out of the womb. This condition needs further medical treatment. In 20 cases of abortion, there is a case of retained pregnancy tissue.
−Damage of the cervix. Cervix is the entrance of the womb. For every 100 abortions, there is a case of cervical damage.
−Damage of the womb. In 250 to 1000 surgical abortions, there is a case of uterine damage.
−Excessive bleeding. This occurs in one out of 1000 abortions. Blood transfusion may be required in serious cases.

Risks of childbirth

Risks of childbirth include:

Prolonged labor. First-time mothers tend to experience this condition. It puts both the mother and her baby’s life at risk.
−Abnormal positions. This refers to the condition when the baby’s position is not advantageous for delivery.
Umbilical cord prolapse and umbilical cord compression. They are abnormalities of the cord.

Why abortion is less risky than childbirth

Abortion is known to bring about a painful experience to a woman’s physical and mental wellness. However, to our surprise, research reveals that abortion is actually less risky than childbirth.

Obstetrics & Gynecology has carried a study on the levels of risk between abortion and childbirth of which the result shows that the number of women dying from childbirth, both during and after, is 14 times higher than that from abortion-related complications.

According to the research, between 1998 and 2005, with every 11,000 babies born, there was one mother died. Meanwhile, it’s up to 167,000 abortions to have a mother died from abortion complications. The main reason is that a regular pregnancy lasts for over nine months. This period is quite long, resulting in many unexpected complications. Ob-gyn doctor Bryna Harwood, the University of Illinois in Chicago, shares that legal abortions are considered safe. She says abortions nowadays are done with surgery or medicine. Both of the methods are safe. There is a risk of complications, but it’s very small. For the surgery, the risks come from infections after the procedure while for the medicine, it’s the medication reactions.

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