Becoming a mother is the best thing ever in your life. It is the start of a new journey that brings wonderful joy, pride, happiness along with challenges. For some women, their lives have changed everything after having a baby. For others, they may feel pressure in the first time of being a mother. However, there are things that you should hold on although you are a mom.

Spend time on relax

Become a mother, this means you have to spend all of your time on caring your little one, like feeding or changing nappies. These tasks are enough to make you busy all day. However, you also need to take care of yourself. A short sleep about 15 – 30 minutes may be work. It is better than no sleep at all.

So, when your baby sleep, you may take a short sleep too. If you feel worry that your baby may wake up, ask some help from your family is a good way. They may take care your baby while you are sleeping.

Retain your pre-pregnancy clothes

When you get pregnant, it seems like your body gets big and you need to wear clothes with different size. After that, your body needs to take a while to get back in shape. However, don’t throw away these outfits if they don’t fit you.

You may need to spend a year or few months to do exercises or try a healthy diet. After that, your pre-pregnancy clothes may fit you again.

Take care of your skin care

When you get pregnant, the hormones in your body change a lot and it affects your skin much. For some people, their skin becomes more beautiful, while other skins may appear type of acne.

During pregnancy, you may not use the skin care products because you worry that ingredients can affect your fatal. But after giving birth, you may need to use skin care products to get back your beauty. Remember not to skip or do away with your skincare routine.

Don’t stop loving yourself

It is true to say that you need to love yourself before loving someone else. Although you have a baby, don’t stop loving yourself. You don’t need to be a perfect mum, so don’t blame yourself if you can’t soothe a crying baby. Also, you need to continue your life before having a baby, such as your hobbies, your job, your network, and so on. There are some cases that women feel pressure and get postpartum depression after delivering because they feel lost. Besides, you should talk with your family, your spouse, your friends to share your feeling.

Keep your heart open to your spouse

Your spouse also has responsibility for taking care your baby, so keep your heart open to him. Some women get postpartum depression because they don’t share their feeling with their spouse. If you need help, talk to him. This is because sometimes your spouse may not know what to do or when to help. Also, don’t be afraid that he makes mistakes, this is the time for him to learn new things.

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