Your newborn seems to have some weird things with baby boobs, crossed eyes, or explosive diapers. Don’t worry much, they are totally normal. However, there are worry signs that you should notice in some cases. Read more about weird things or worry things.

Sneezing and mucus

It sounds interesting when you notice the sound of your baby sneezing. Some experts say that the overabundance of hormones of a mother during pregnancy is the main reason lead to mucus condition of a baby. These hormones make mucosal linings thicker and cause your baby’s airway getting clogged. When your baby is sneezing, it means he tries to get some stuff out of his nose. You can help your baby by using nasal aspirators.

However, if your baby’s sneezing condition goes along with coughing or wheezing, it is better to bring your baby to a doctor. It could be a sign of infection or allergies.

Swollen genitals

Your baby’s genitals may look big when comparing to his body. Don’t worry. This is a totally normal condition in boys and girls. After giving birth, hormones and extra fluid can be found in the genitals and make genitals swollen. For boys, it would cause swollen testicles and the swollen labia in girls.

It takes time to make everything return to normal size. In case you see swollen tissue after a week or two, especially your baby is a boy. You may need to see a doctor.

Odd-shaped head

You may panic when seeing your baby’s head look like a cone and you think his head will have this shape forever. Don’t worry, let us explain for more detail. In the delivery progress, your baby’s head needs to be malleable to adapt to the shape of the birth canal, which help the exit smoother. It is very natural. At first, your baby’s head is weird, but it takes a few weeks to return to its normal shape.

On the other hand, your baby may develop some flat parts on his head. This could be because he lies on one side for a long time. You can change your baby’s sleep positions or hold him more.

If his head still weird, you may need the help from a doctor.

Crossed eyes

Sometimes, your baby can’t control his muscle and how to focus because he has lots of new things to manage. In time, your baby improves his skill and get stronger.

However, there is an optical illusion called pseudoesotropia. It occurs when your baby’s eyes are crossed. You may check by looking closely to see if his pupils match up and move in the same direction together. If he continues show crossed eyes’ signs at 6 months of age, you better bring him to see a doctor.

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