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What do you need to know to care for your 35 months old baby?

By Medically reviewed by Dr. Duyen Le

Development & Behavior

What should my toddler be doing right now?

Try not to take it personally if your preschooler has begun preferring parents of his friend over you. He might decide one day that only Daddy can read the bedtime story, not Mom. Habit is sometimes the reason: If Mom has driven to the babysitter every day; there is a fuss when Dad does it. More obviously, a parent who has been away on a trip might be shunned. It is your child’s way of saying, “I really, really missed you and didn’t like it. I’m afraid you’ll do it again.”

For preschoolers, the line between fantasy and reality is blurry, which may explain their tendency to lie. Your child’s intent is not to deceive you.

What should my toddler be preparing to do?

If you feel bored during your child’s tea parties, block-building, or he attempts to play a board game, do not feel bad about encouraging your child to play alone sometimes; it builds his independence. Also look for alternatives you can do together without losing your sanity, like cooking or gardening, playing outside, or taking a walk. Or let your child imitate your activities while you work, for example, at his own “desk” or play kitchen.

Rather, he wants to say what will make you happy — even if it is not true. Make it less scary for him to tell the truth and you will help him avoid fibbing. For example, if he denies drawing on the wall, calmly help him clean up and point out that crayons are for coloring books and paper. Moreover, humor can be another useful response. Go along with the tall tale and embroider it yourself, and your child will probably catch on to the absurdity of his story.

Most children master a tricycle between ages two and three. It takes large-muscle power and coordination to manage this feat. Starting with a low-slung model made of plastic can help your child feel secure and get the hang of moving his legs. Then you can move up to a taller strike if you like. Your child will not have the necessary balance and coordination for a two-wheeler (some kids can handle training wheels before that, but usually at the age four).

Doctor visits

What should happen to my toddler when I visit my doctor?

It is hard to keep bacteria away from your child if he plays around and has curiosity. Your child might get stomach pain, cough, rash, vomiting and even fever easily. You might be familiar to these symptoms, but just doctor can determine what the true disease of these symptoms is.

What should I tell my doctor?

You should make sure your child have gotten all the recommended doses of vaccines.

Is it flu season yet? Usually flu season starts can start from October to May. It may vary depending on the climate. Your doctor may recommend your child to get the flu vaccine. Here are some things you should know:

  • The flu can be more serious than the common cold.
  • The flu vaccine is usually given to child 2 years of age or older but there are some types of flu vaccine that can be given to 6 months and older. Please discuss with your doctor for more information.
  • The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) recommends a child to get a flu vaccine every year, starting at 6months.
  • It is also recommended for caregivers and yourself to get the vaccine.
  • After the getting the vaccine, it may be normal to have a slight fever. If symptoms worsen, please let your doctor know right away.

What to expect

What health concerns should I expect?

Because your child will be making more transitions from one sleep phase to the other, he will wake up more often than you do. That is why it is so important that he learn how to soothe himself back to sleep. You can try a few new techniques to help him get a good night’s sleep, including:

  • Moving him into a big bed and praising him when he stays in it;
  • Anticipating all his requests and including them in your bedtime routine;
  • Giving him an extra goodnight kiss.

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