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What do you need to know to care for your 27 months old baby?

By Medically reviewed by Dr. Duyen Le

Development & Behavior

What should my toddler be doing right now?

Your preschooler is making important social progress. He is moved up from always playing alone, now he is interested in other children. Even when the kids do not interact during their play, they are aware of one another. Playing with other children, even if it is parallel play, will become increasingly important this year. Kids often use this kind of play to join an activity already under way.

There’s evidence that children learn languages more easily in the early years because their brains are so feverishly making new neural connections. Kids who grow up in a bilingual household have been found to have smaller vocabularies in each language, but the total number of words they know is about the same as only one language speakers, and being bilingual has been shown to have lasting cognitive benefits.

Sometimes it can seem like your child has the concentration and persistence of a scientist. In fact, he is developmentally driven to do certain things over and over again. Repetitive actions perfect his motor skills. That is part of the reason he cannot help climbing something that you have asked him repeatedly not to.

What should my toddler be preparing to do?

If your child is in a bilingual family, the catch is that the best way for your child to learn a language now is through conversation with a native speaker. Tapes or weekly classes are less effective.

Doctor visits

What should happen to my toddler when I visit my doctor?

If your child does not seem to be meeting these speech milestones, try not to worry. Even if your preschooler seems to lag behind others his age, as long as he is making improvements in his language development every month.

If you do not see such improvements, talk to your child’s doctor about a language evaluation. Speech therapy is often readily available for preschoolers, who are late talkers, and it may even be free and it usually works wonders. Though keep in mind that speech therapy costs may vary depending on your child’s needs and the services available in your area.

What should I tell my doctor?

You should know that providing physical activity for your child is very important. This will help prevent obesity and keep your child healthy. Here are some tips to keep your little one active:

  • Be outside. There is no substitute for fresh air the warm sun. You take your child to go for a walk or to the park. Your child will have room to jump and run.
  • Build fitness into your routine. You can walk to the supermarket, instead of driving. And you can always take the stairs instead of using the escalator.
  • Limit time at the couch. As much as it’s tempting to give your child an ipad or turn on the Disney channel, you may be limiting your child’s development. It’s recommended to limit your child’s TV time to no more than 2 hours a day.
  • Join a team. You can have your child join the soccer team. Playing with other toddlers will help encourage your child to be physically active.
  • Be a role model. If you want your child to be physically active, you should be active as well. You can exercise together. Make it fun! You will benefit.

What to expect

What health concerns should I expect?

You may be concerned about keeping your child from getting sick. The best way to keep your child’s hands clean is to teach them how to wash their hands.

First, be sure to keep hand-washing supplies handy like liquid soap, towels, stepstool to reach the sink and monitor his time at the sick. To really stop the spread of germs, kids and adults must wash with soap for at least 15 seconds and be sure to scrub front and back, under nails, along cuticles, and between fingers.

Make sure to explain to your child why and when it’s important to wash his hands. The best times are after using the restroom, before mealtime, and after playtime.

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