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What do you need to know to care for your 25 months old baby?

By Medically reviewed by Dr. Duyen Le

Development & Behavior

What should my toddler be doing right now?

A sparking imagination is one of the most delightful parts of a preschooler’s personality — except when it takes the form of fears. Two-year-olds can develop all sorts of willies as they gain the ability to form mental images beyond what is in front of them. Couple this with some kids’ dislike of strangers and an ability to remember past experiences like the pain of a vaccination.

Your preschooler’s brain is a beehive of activity as it forms countless new neural connections that help him understand the “whats, whys, and hows” of the world. He is beginning to ask lots of questions. It is a way of finding out about things, and it is also a way of keeping the interchange with you going. That lets him engage with you longer and pick up even more words.

Is it time to potty? Most 2-year-olds cannot potty by themselves, but many are ready to begin the potty training process.

What should be my toddler preparing to do?

  • Bring along a special “doctor bag” packed with a toy stethoscope, thermometer, and so on, so your child can play doctor. Bring along a baby doll to be your child’s “patient.”
  • Talk about what will happen: “First we will walk to the big desk and say your name. Then we will sit and read a book while we wait…”
  • Hold your 2-year-old on your lap during the exam and shots, if possible.
  • Do not lie. Never say, “The shot will not hurt a bit.”
  • Do not make promises that are not true, such as, “You will not get a shot,” if there is any chance your child may get one.
  • Stay upbeat yourself. Two-year-olds are aces at reading facial cuts and body language.

To encourage an eager learner:

  • Don’t stop him from exploring things around the house.
  • Stimulate all his senses. Include tactile toys such as clay and sand and musical toys like a xylophone or maracas.
  • Expose him to new places and experiences: a pool, a zoo, the airport.
  • Always keep books around. Visit your local library often to restock.

Doctor visits

What should happen to my toddler when I visit my doctor?

Your probably already had your 2-year-old checkup. If you did not schedule this checkup last month, you should schedule this month. Please let you doctor know if any changes in behaviors or habits.

What should I tell my doctor?

You are probably wondering when you can start potty training. What you should know is that every child starts at different ages. Potty training can be stressful, for you and your child. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Don’t force your child if he’s not ready. Forcing can delay potty training. He will become more scared.
  • Try to have him sit on the potty with the lid down. Then you can talk to him about the potty and how it works.
  • Try reading a book. You can have him read a book while sitting on the potty chair. This will help him relax.
  • Try giving rewards. For example you can offer his favorite snack after he finish. Or can offer extra 15 minutes on the Ipad.
  • If all fails, you can stop and retry at another time.

It’s important to not to lose your temper when you are frustrated. Your child needs to be relaxed and calm.

What to expect

What health concerns should I expect?

You might be concerned whether it is wise to start limiting your child’s fat and cholesterol intake to avoid problems later in life. It is important to keep the good fats and eliminate the bad fats. That means you can have him drink full-fat milk but avoid chips and french fries. You should boost the amount of fiber-rich whole grains, legumes, fruits, and veggies in your child’s diet along with lean sources of protein such as poultry and fish. But do not go overbroad with restrictions. Children need heart-healthy sources of fat to grow – physically and intellectually – so check with your pediatrician on what is in the diet department.

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