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What do you need to know to care for your 13 months old baby?

By Medically reviewed by Dr. Duyen Le

Development & Behavior

What should my toddler be doing right now?

At 13 months, your child may change his eating habits. He may suddenly become a picky eater. This may sound strange but it is normal. This is a good time to start exploring different types of foods or re-introducing old foods that he didn’t like before. This just means his sense of taste is developing. You can try different spices or cuisines. You would only be worried if he is losing weight and the other symptoms such as fever or diarrhea. This can mean he doesn’t have an appetite because of an infection. This is when you should call your doctor.

Not only eating habits but also sleeping habits may change. He may have been a great sleeper and then all of sudden start waking up in the middle of the night. Between 12 and 14 months, kids start actively dreaming, and a dream can actually startle your child to wake up and scream. You should comfort him by sleeping with him until he falls asleep. This will soon pass.

What should my toddler be preparing to do?

Sometimes having a child who is a picky eater can be stressful. Try not to pressure your toddler to eat more. Instead, let his appetite determine how much food he takes in. Even though you can’t control how much he eats, you are definitely in charge of what he can eat. Keep offering a variety of healthy foods at every meal. Try not to let him snack on sweets and other not-so-healthy items. You may be tempted out of worry that he is not eating enough. Don’t worry! As long as he appears to be thriving, he’s probably fine.

Good sleeping habits are important to your toddler happy and healthy. Set a bedtime and create a routine. A bedtime routine may include bath-time, drinking a glass of milk, brushing his teeth and a bedtime story. Your child may resist at first but after a few weeks, he will be expecting his bedtime story right on time.

You can rush out and buy shoes for your toddler instead of wearing socks as before.

Doctor Visits

What should happen to my toddler when I visit my doctor?

You probably already had your 1-year checkup last month. If you didn’t schedule your child’s checkup, this month is a good time to do it. You should tell your doctor about any changes in your child’s diet, sleep habits, or behavioral habits.

What should I tell my doctor?

There are some foods that can cause allergies. This is why your doctor probably advised you to wait until your child reached 1 year old. Now, your child is at 13 months. You can slowly start introducing these foods. It is important to know how to introduce these foods. You should do the following:

  • Know what foods can cause allergies. These foods include eggs, nuts, strawberries, honey, cow’s milk and tomatoes.
  • Start one food at a time. This way you can observe any reaction. Usually your can start a new item after 4-5 days.
  • Keep a diary. It’s important to track any reactions to a particular food. This may or may not be a food allergy reaction. You can bring the food diary to your doctor to evaluate.

What to expect

What I am concerned about?

You may be concerned about your child falling or colliding into objects. Don’t try to overprotect your child. He will get hurt and have bruises. This is all part of life. He will learn to be more careful. The best way to support your child is to let him play freely. This will help with his development. Playing and falling will help your child learn about his body and his environment. It will teach him to how to bounce back up when he falls. Soon he will not mommy to kiss his “boo boo.”

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