Spanking Could Make Kids Aggressive


Many parents think that spanking can help them teach out–of–control children to become good kids. However, researchers find that kids who were spanked at the age of 5 are more likely to be aggressive when they grow up. Have you ever asked yourself if it’s right to apply this kind of punishment to your kids? If the answer is yes, it is the right time to change your thinking.

The link between spanking and a kid’s aggressive behavior

In recent studies, there is no evidence that spanking is good for children. Corporal punishment is not encouraged as it could be the main reason setting up your children’s aggressive behavior later in life.

According to Vincent J. Barone, Ph.D., an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine and the director of Developmental and Behavioral Sciences South Clinic at Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics, children tend to learn aggressive attitudes and act them through corporal punishment or a violent game. They cannot learn the way to resolve a problem in peaceful ways because they are exposed to violence at a young age.

Children need guidance and discipline, but in positive and non–physical ways. This is because when you spank your children as a way of solving problems, it implies that you can hit someone and get what you want. As a result, your children will do the same. Unwittingly, you teach them that using violence can resolve the problem easier and faster than peaceful negotiation.

What are the solutions for both parents and children?

Depend on the age of your children, there are some different ways to discipline. In case your children do some bad behavior, you should spend time talking with them to point out their mistakes, show them how to do make it right and to manage their misbehavior. Your children are too young to tell right from wrong. When they behave properly, you could praise, encourage, and reward their good behavior. This seems to be better than punishing bad behavior.

Also, you should guide your children how to resolve a conflict. Tell them to take a deep breath, calm down, go out for some minutes, and use words to negotiate. As parents, you should change your thinking of corporal punishment as the right solution to educate kids. Teaching children in a violent way will make them become violent people.

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