Keeping Discipline Consistent


Consistency is believed to be vital in child raising. Children should be able to guess, at least, his parent’s reactions. For example, your child needs to be able to think that “Dad expects me to wash my hands before lunch. If I skip it, I would not receive a cake for dessert”. Here are some tips to keep discipline consistent:

Set priorities

If you attempt to handle so many discipline challenges simultaneously, you would get overloaded. Pick one or two first and put in all of your energy and attention. For example, if you want to tackle your child’s craving for sweets together with saying swear words, whenever the situation comes, be on top of them. Do not give in. Do not reward. Just try to solve the problem to the root. Once those two issues are dealt with, move on to others, with the same strategy.

Get a plan for the long run

Take it slowly. Quick changes result in frustration and confusion. For example, in those days, you reminded your child to brush his teeth 2 to 3 times before you switched to use shouting. Your child has got used to it and obeyed your words after 3 reminders. Now you decide to eliminate this misbehavior, so you shout after the first reminder. This will make kid confused. Just stand from his point of view and have a proper strategy.

Choose the right time

Your plan of getting rid of sweets after 5pm would go bankrupt if next week is the kid’s birthday. Thus, choose a good start. Don’t attempt to set a new discipline strategy when it’s an unstable and unpredictable time.

Be patient

There are times when resistance arises. You child may not easily obey or listen to your request. Other times, he may stick to the plan at the beginning but then return to his normal pattern in the end. Don’t be impatient. These are just temporary regressions. The kid will be more well-behaved gradually if you are diligent and determined enough.

Have company

Once you’ve made up your mind to have a new discipline strategy, do not go for it by yourself. Get help from your partner, family members, and the kid’s teachers too. Tell them all about your plan and strategy so that you all can get things successfully done.

Be flexible

If there is an unexpected event popping up, a sudden visit from a relative, for example, which prevents you from executing or enforcing the rule, let your child know about it. For example, you can tell them “Since uncle is visiting this weekend, you can have sweets after 5 pm. But remember it’s just an unavoidable exception. Things will get back to its track next Monday.” By doing this, you can enforce the rule even more effectively.

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