How to Praise Your Kid


For many parents, one of the utmost wishes is to help their children grow up to be happy and successful. So, whenever you see your children doing something good, you will jump in praising and encouraging them. But, do all of those encouragements send the right message? Or, may it lead to unhealthy development for your child? As our child’s first and foremost mentor, let’s figure out the right way to praise our children.

Praising and encouragement are a crucial part of building a person’s confidence and self-esteem. With a proper and effective praise from parents, the children will believe what they did is right. From that, they build a life-long habit ò doing the right thing. However, throwing in all the praises, you should reconsider some positive and negative effects of praising to help your children learn to value your encouragement:

Say exactly what you want to praise about

General praise such as “Great work on the painting” will make them happy, yet do not help them recognize what is good about their painting. Instead, look at the good side of that painting and say “You have used so many colors in your painting. That’s creative!”, for example. Try to be specific on your praising.

Be sincere

Praising with no purpose or telling white lies will not hurt anybody, but it may make your kids have no clear vision about what they have done. Kids have their own way to recognize whether your praise is sincere or not. Try to be honest to gain their trust and help them build their positive side.

Try to encourage your children to try new activities

Many kids are afraid of making mistakes and disappoint their parents. Try to encourage your children to try something that is good for them but they are afraid to do such as riding a bike, swimming or singing a complete song.

Avoid overdoing

Praising the obvious is not a good way to deliver the compliment to your little one. General words like smart, handsome, talented, or pretty should not be repeated many times to avoid building selfishness and self-righteousness. Say something that makes your children feel your words are valuable and make them proud of themselves.

Focus on the child’s activity process

The best chance to praise someone is when they have achieved something through hardworking. Praise your children for their effort and hard work. Because not all people are born talented or brilliant, if they try to do something with all of their efforts, encourage the process. And if they succeed, reward them. You will teach your children to treasure hard work in their later years.

Obviously, our kids need encouragements from their dearest parents to develop a healthy level of self-confidence and self-esteem in the future. There is nothing better than gaining approval and praise from important adults. By praising and rewarding children rightfully, you can help them increase their motivation to do right things. So, when praising your children, try to focus on details and make them understand the value of finishing what they started.

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