Why Girls Prefer Pink?


Is that true that girls like pink and boys prefer blue? According to a recent study, girls have the biological characteristic to prefer the color pink or the redder shades of blue more than boys. But is it right when assigning the color to your children based on their sex?

Why do girls prefer pink?

In this study, there were about 200 volunteers taking part in a color-selection experiment. They were asked to do three different tests. In the test, they had to move a mouse cursor quickly to their favorite color from a series of paired, colored rectangles with different saturation and lightness, and hue. In general, most people chose blue. Although both boys and girls liked blue, girls tended to choose redder shades of blue-reddish purple hues, while boys liked blue-green. This study showed a strong gender difference in the red-green related to human color vision.

Researchers propose different theories as to why girls prefer pink more than boys do. In the first theory, the color preference and girls’ s ability to distinguish red from green links to the sex-specific divisions of labor. In the past, while boys hunted, girls gathered, and they had to realize ripe berries and fruits. With the another theory, women seem sensitive to reddish changes in skin color. That skill makes them the empathizers.

Is it wrong to make girls wear pink?

Although girls seem to prefer pink, it does not mean all the girls have the same favorite color. Making your girls wear pink is setting up a prejudice on themselves. The idea of blue for boys and pink for girls is pernicious because it force children to live with their unreal identities and it could harm your their future.

Also, when we assign a particular color to a gender, we tend to assign all manners of other things associated with that gender. For example, boys and girls play different games or read different books. The dangerous thing is when we set the rule of gender, children will be seen as abnormal when they have the difference characteristic or individual identities.

So, instead of assigning the color to your children based on their gender, you should let your children choose what color they like. There’s nothing wrong with your girl if she hates pink. Color is a preference, which differs from person to person. Let she have what she likes. As long as she is happy, what color she wears does not matter.

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