Why Every Kid Needs A Pet


Studies suggest that the human–animal interaction will bring benefits to the growth of children, including physical, emotional, and social wellness. Also, research proves that a kid who has autism or reading ability improves when interacting with animals. Even healthy children may benefit from having a dog or a cat. Some reasons below may make you agree with your kid to have a pet.

Can a pet help your kid read?

A reading–to–pet program allows kids to read books to dogs. The idea is that kids can feel enjoyable when having a dog as an audience. They are not put under pressure like when they are reading to a teacher. With this experience, kids can build their reading skills. Kids with stuttering also report seeing improvements as well.

A pet can reduce a kid’s risk of allergies

Many people think that having a pet at home is the reason causing allergies in children. However, several surveys show that pregnant women and babies who are exposed to pets actually have fewer allergies to the pets and other allergens than those without exposure.

Your kid could improve their emotional health

Studies show that owning a pet can help children reduce anxiety and tension more than we think. Also, a pet can help children develop a sense of themselves, decrease their feelings of loneliness and encourage their empathy. A pet does not judge, laugh or make fun of children when they make a mistake. So, children could build their self–esteem, and confidence playing with pets. Moreover, the companionship between children and a pet can have a positive effect on the social interactions that kids experience at school. Autistic children also greatly benefit from playing with pets.

Lessons that a pet teach your children

In a recent study, children can improve their cognitive abilities regarding the consequences of actions and thoughts through playing with their pets. Also, owning a pet will teach them many lessons about life, including compassion, empathy or how to develop unconditional positive regards towards each other. Moreover, when taking care of a pet, children can learn about self–efficacy, and responsibility as they grow up.

Physical benefits for children with pets

With some kids who are lazy to join in outside activities, this is a chance for them to do it. When going out with a pet, children are motivated to be physically active. Having a pet is seen as a great experience for the whole family, especially for children. A paw–friend is an important family member who can help to enhance the family’ s collaborative strengths, bring joy, and be a vitamin for kids.

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