Attachment Parenting: Nurturing Touch, Positive Discipline and More


Attachment parenting is a technique that is used to build up a strong relationship between a child and parents to make a child feel secure, independent, and safe. If you are wondering about attachment parenting, take a look at this article for useful information. Here are some basic principles of the attachment parenting technique:

Use nurturing touch

Nurturing touch helps promote physical attachment. It can stimulate the body to release growth-promoting hormones, help a baby’s temperature and heart rate become regular. Nurturing touch can also help your baby gain weight faster, cry less, and nurse better. But, how to provide nurturing touch? You can hug your baby frequently, provide skin-to-skin contact, carry your baby, and breastfeed your baby.

Ensure safe sleep, physically and emotionally

Your child may not sleep through the night. They may wake up due to hunger, nightmares, teeth growing, loneliness, fear, illness, feelings of too cold or too hot. You should sleep with your baby so when your baby wakes up, you can reassure him or her.

Provide consistent and loving care

You can build a strong relationship with your baby by providing loving care and playful interactions. If you cannot be a full-time caregiver, you should find someone you trust. Do not try to fit your baby into the planned schedule, try to find creative ways to design your baby’s routines. You can get exercises with your baby, take your baby to special events, and carry your baby to work.

Practice positive discipline

You should treat your child the way he or she wants to be treated. Guide your child and model positive behavior. If your child has negative behavior, communicate with your child to understand why he or she does that. Then you and your child can work together to find out proper solutions. Do not use physical discipline. It teaches your child that violence is the only and best way to solve a problem in life.

Strive for balance in your personal and family life

In a balanced life, you and your family members are emotionally responsive, live a healthy life with healthy habits such as eating healthy foods and doing exercises. You and other family members should take good care of yourselves and follow your heart to treat your baby.

When attachment parenting is not positive

Bed-sharing and child death

Bed-sharing is linked to sudden infant death syndrome. Thus, you should wait until after your baby’s first birthday to sleep with her or him. You should not fall asleep with your baby on a sofa.

Changes in attachment with experience

Studies have shown that the formation of a healthy attachment partially depends on other relationships in schools, love and marriage, and childhood experiences.

Multiple caregivers, changing times

Your baby may receive care from several caregivers because you cannot terminate your work to stay home to raise him or her.

Overstressed parents, over-dependent children

Paying attention to your child for long periods of time can lead to an over-dependent child and stressed parents.

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