Are You Addicted to Your Kid?


It is totally normal for parents to want to protect and dote on their children – they are their precious babies. However, have you found yourself doting on your child on a much too regular basis and that the amount of love for your child is a little overwhelming? In fact, addiction to your child is not a myth.

The most common signs

−Blaming growing up on taking a toll on your child and doing all the work for him or her.
−Not knowing how to motivate the kid and ending up doting on your child too much
−Being afraid to confront the child’s problems
−Not being strict enough due to the fear of being hated by your child
−If you are a divorced parent, you may feel bad for your child’s loss of the other parent, thus being afraid to hurt him or her even just for a little bit.
−Being unable to say no to your child’s pestering.

If you find yourself in these lines, then you might have been addicted to your child for quite a while. In general, it is often anxiety and feelings of not being adequate that drives parents to do everything for their children. “Doing” and “loving” are very different. You can love your child unconditionally. However, when you are “doing” things for your child and expect gratitude or love in return, you might be addicted to your child.

Dealing with fear

After all, it is anxiety and the fear of losing control of your child (or in your sense, your entire life), that leads to your addiction. Here’s how to deal with your fears:

−Consult a therapist
−Calm yourself about the outcomes of what you do for your child and expect less
−Try to control less
−Rethink about your actions: What causes your anxiety? Has your current relationship status left an impact on your thinking? Does your doting help in the long run? Will your child obey to your every word?

Reevaluate your condition – are you really addicted to your kid?

Try to answer these questions to see if you are addicted to your child:
−Do you have a solid spiritual practice that gives you peace and makes your life meaningful?
−How is your relationship with other people lately? Do you have emotional connections with them?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then you are not really addicted to your child.

However, if you answer yes to these questions, then you are probably addicted to your kid:
−Does the absence of your child make you feel useless and inadequate?
−Do you take it personally when your child has problems?
−Do your child’s achievements have anything to do with your own feelings?
−Do you freak out when your child appears to be distant?
−Did you have your child in hopes to get the love from the other partner?

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