The Advantages of Strict Parents

By Medically reviewed by Dr. Duyen Le

Every child will complain if their parents are strict. However, having strict parents might bring some advantages for the child as they grow up. Strict parents often have high standards when it comes to raising their child. They often know how to effectively implement limits and reinforce those limits by teaching kids about the importance of meeting expectation and that every action has a consequence. Having firm hands with these matter to the child can help them develop and set up a consistency in parenting.

Academic achievement

Many people usually find kids who have authoritative parents to be the model son/daughter because they are often obedient and generally do well in school. Children with strict parents are often high achievers in their academic and other pursuits. This idea comes from being in an environment where they are pushed to meet their parents’ high standards. The children often do success because they learn self-discipline from a young age. They often push themselves to study harder, pay more attention to get better grades.

In fact, a research on parenting style and the child’s academic result shows that children who do better in school are often those who have strict parents.


Authoritative parents mean the child will be held responsible for their actions. They grow up understanding that hard work will bring them success, coupled with the high expectation that their parents set out, the children will strive harder to achieve. These kids will learn the ability to evaluate the situation before making a decision. The parents will push their children to be better, so the child will develop confidence in their ability and in themselves. They are less likely to shy away from challenges and often face them with a headstrong attitude.


Children learn to control their behavior since they are young if they have strict parents who often set up boundaries and limits. Strict parents are also known for having consistency in applying disciplinary actions. Because of the strict parents and their rules, the children are less likely to submit to peer pressure or have risky behaviors. Because they are taught be have this characteristic from a young age, they are less likely to develop them in adulthood and have better self-control.

Independence and responsibility

The children who have strict parents are often more independent compared to other children. Because they have to take responsibility for their action early on in their childhood, they learn to think for themselves and learn to compromise when it comes to conflicts with other children. Once the kid is old enough, they are told to live on their own money and encourage to save money for the future. Because they have to live by themselves, they learn to value money and how to spend money smartly, which can guarantee financial success from the future.

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