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How to Remove Baby Earwax


Every now and then, children of all ages happen to have earwax building up in their ears. At that point, we adults usually try to take the earwax out of our kid’s ear, believing we’re keeping their personal hygiene. However, according to the website Ask.Sears, while cleaning the outside of the ears with a soft cloth is acceptable, we should leave the earwax lying deep in the ear canal alone.

What are the risks of removing earwax?

The act of putting tools into the ear to take earwax out can accidentally push the wax to go deeper into the ear, causing an ear infection. In addition, while carrying the procedure, we may unintentionally hurt the eardrum. Thus, if parents worry about excessive earwax buildup, specialists recommend using hydrogen peroxide drops. However, consultation with doctor must be done in advance.

How to remove earwax properly?

Below is the procedure to get rid of earwax for your kid.


  • A piece of soft cloth
  • Glass bottle
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Eye dropper
  • Cotton balls used for ear

The procedure

Step 1

Dip the soft cloth into warm water. Use it to wash away the earwax standing around the kid’s outer ear area. Never push the cloth into the ear. Generally, the visible wax falls out by itself.

Step 2

For earwax lying in the inner ear, consult with a health-care provider for advice to remove them. He can use a small scoop to take them out or prescribe your child a certain type of ear drops if necessary.

Step 3

Take the glass bottle, clean it thoroughly, then fill it half with hydrogen peroxide. Fill the other half of the bottle with clean water. Shake well to mix the two substance. For this solution with hydrogen peroxide, you must have doctor’s permission beforehand.

Step 4

Get the bottle warm by holding it in your hands. Have the kid lying on your lap with her blocked ear facing up. Fill the eyedropper with the mixture. Drop one drop at a time until the ear is full. Remember to let your kid stay calm when using hydrogen peroxide drops.

Step 5

Let your kid lie still for about 5 minutes then get him sit up. The solution will make the wax soft and follow the water to go out of the inner ear. Wipe the outer ear with a wet soft cloth to take away all the stuff.

Step 6

Keep on with the treatment for 3 to 5 day, one time a day. In addition, when the baby is taking a bath, use the ear cotton ball to squirt lukewarm water into the blocked ear. Wax will go out in big chunks.

What to remember?

For children who do have a good control over their head, do not apply hydrogen peroxide solution. The drops and water may not go all out properly, bringing about many complications.

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