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How to Diaper Your Baby?


You are a new mother and you don’t know how to diaper your baby? Don’t worry! With these following tips, you can become a pro.

What to prepare

Before starting, you need to have everything handy because you will not want to leave your baby for a second. Here are what you will need: a clean diaper, a container of warm water, a clean washcloth, diaper ointment, and a changing pad for placing under your baby.

Keep your baby on your hand

Remember to wash your hand before diapering. First of all, you need to put your baby on a surface. Then, use keep one hand on your baby for making sure he does not roll off. The next step is to undo the dirty diaper and hold your baby’s legs. Continue to pull down the front of the diaper with your other hand.

Wipe your baby front to back

Wet clean washcloth with warm water and gently wipe your baby from the front to the back. Remember that you should never wipe from back to front, because it can spread the bacteria and cause urinary tract infections, especially on a baby girl. If you baby is a boy, keep a clean diaper over the penis while you are changing to make sure that he does not pee on you.

When finishing, you should pat your baby dry with a clean washcloth and apply some diaper ointment.

Change a dirty diaper by a clean one

To change to new diaper, you need to lift your baby’s legs and get the dirty diaper out. Then, slide a clean diaper under your baby and hold his legs during changing to make sure that he does not touch the dirty diaper. Also, to wear a diaper, you need to pull the front up to the belly-button level.

Test the fit of your baby’s diaper

If you are not sure if your baby’s diaper fits well, you can check by placing two fingers between the diaper and your baby’s waist. With a newborn baby, you should pull down the top of the diaper to let the umbilical stump expose to the air.

Prevent diaper rash

Diaper rash is a very common condition for baby. To prevent diaper rash, you need to change the diapers frequently, use a diaper ointment to prevent and heal rashes, and let your baby go diaper-free when possible.

If diaper rash persists, you need to seek medical help. If your children have a fever along with the rash or if the rash is painful, bright red with blisters, call your doctor as soon as possible.

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