Child Care
Child Care
ibu yang menyusukan bayi
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Foods for Breastfeeding Mothers to Make Babies Smarter
What you eat or drink is very important when you are breastfeeding, especially in the first two to three weeks when your body starts producing mother milk.
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cell phones
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Is It Safe to Use Mobile Phones Around Babies?
Compared to adults, children and unborn babies are at higher risk of damages to the body when exposing to microwave radiation.
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baby earwax
Baby's First Year, Parenting Tips, Child Care, Parenting
How to Remove Baby Earwax
While cleaning the outside of the ears with a soft cloth is acceptable, we should leave the earwax lying deep in the ear canal alone.
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Baby's First Year, Child Care, Parenting
Help Your Baby With Hiccups
The vocal cords’ rapid closing together with the diaphragm’s contraction result in hiccups in a baby. That quick closing also causes the hiccup’s sound.
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