Breastfeeding Twins


Breastfeeding is a difficult task for a new mother because it requires techniques and skills. If breastfeeding a baby is already that hard, how could anyone breastfeed twins or multiples? Needless to say, it would need more work and dedication than breastfeeding a single baby.

In this article, we will you some tips that could be useful if you are a mother with more than one baby.

Nursing schedule

A flexible schedule is a good choice. This is because babies are individuals, they will have different feeding time. Maybe one twin wants to nurse every three hours and the other needs it every two hours. Making an unfixed routine can be difficult for you and your babies when your babies are too small to latch well and suck milk effectively. However, your babies will settle into a natural rhythm around six weeks and your breastfeeding will get easier.

Nursing at the same time

If your babies are hungry at the same time, what you need to do is to use rolled-up towels or a nursing pillow to support. With these, you can vary your positions. For example, you can try some simple positions, such as the cradle hold, the cross-cradle hold, the underarm hold, lying down or lying back. It is a good idea to alternate breasts to help produce equal amounts of milk in both of your breasts. Also, to breastfeed your twins at once, you should make sure that one of your babies is latching very well and maintaining the latch. Then, you can latch the other on and proceed to breastfeed. But, until you have that skill, it will be better to nurse one at a time.

Get enough milk for breastfeeding

If you do not have enough milk for both babies but you still want to continue breastfeeding, it is necessary to breastfeed at least 8 times in a day. But do not worry, a low milk supply can be corrected by nursing your babies more often. Also, you can try some foods that help stimulate your milk supply.

Nursing while taking care of the other

What would you do with your other baby while you are breastfeeding one? You may try the following suggestion. Stay on the ground. Then, put your baby who you do not breastfeed on a blanket and let them stay on the floor. Sit with your back against the couch. Then, you can both nurse the one twin and look after the other.

Getting support

You can take part in some groups with other mothers of twins. They can share their experience which may be useful for you. Or, you can ask for support from your mother, your husband, and your family members. You can also hire a babysitter to help.

Be nice to yourself

It’s hard for a mother to raise more than one child at the same time. In addition, mothers of multiples are at higher risk of postpartum depression. So, you should get enough sleep, take care of yourself, accept help and do not be afraid of asking for a hand in the time of need.

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