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What do you need to know to care for your 1 week old baby?


Development & Behavior

How should my baby be developing?

This is the happiest moment in your life. You are now parents. Your family now has a new member and this is the time to put your mind on your newborn baby.

You probably find yourself staring at your baby for hours and love every moment. Your baby whose arms and legs are not fully extended may look a bit funny, along with their puffy eyes . Don’t worry, this is totally normal. After 9 months being in the womb, your baby definitely need time to stretch out. And by the time he or she reaches 6 months, they’ll be fully stretched out.

The average weight of newborn babies is commonly supposed to be about 3.5kg while average length is 50cm. Weight can vary between 2.5kg and 4.5kg, the length is from 48cm to 51cm. However, these numbers do not regulate your baby’s adult size, so you should not worry too much about numbers. What you need to care now is how to plan a healthy diet and then bring your baby up with all love.

How can I support my baby?

Due to spending nine months in your womb, it is hard for your baby to familiarize with everything. Your baby needs time to get used to the new world. Besides, you should remember to keep your baby warm by wrapping his or her body in blanket in the first week. You should also keep your baby close to your chest. The skin-to-skin contact and the warmth from you will make your baby feel safe. Your heartbeat will also help soothe your baby as well.

Health & Safety

What should I discuss with doctor?

As soon as they are born, your baby will be given a series of health and development checks. You should consult with your doctor if your baby has symptoms such as jaundice, mouth funguses. Although most newborn babies may get these diseases, be nervous. It is still necessary for you to take your baby to doctor so that they can be tested, diagnosed and given appropriate treatment.

What should I know?

Nothing is happier than being a mother. Coupled with happiness, though, you may also have anxiety and stress when taking care of your newborn baby. If you are in such condition, here are some things you should know:

Diaper changing

Most babies’s diaper can be changed in a same way. However, there are other ways for you to change your baby’s diaper. You should be flexible and choose the most comfortable way for you and your baby to take action. It can make you feel uncomfortable at first, but soon you will be able to change a diaper in a dark room, even when you are half asleep.


You can bathe your baby after you change there diaper and breastfeed them. You do not need to bathe your baby everyday. In the first few weeks, you should bath your baby twice to three times a week. It is suggested that you should use a towel and clean important position such as face, neck, arms and bum everyday. You can bathe your baby at any time of the day. If your baby is extra fussy, bathing at night will help calm and relax your baby before bedtime.

Hair washing

It is not necessary to wash baby’s hair regularly. Washing hair once or twice a week is best. In case your baby’s scalp is oily, you can need to wash there hair more.

My Concerns

What I am concerned about?

Taking care of baby in the first week can bring you a lot of things to think about, One of them can be your baby’s oversleeping. This is just a natural reaction of a newborn baby. Just like you, your baby went through the delivery. It was hard work for both of you. Therefore, your baby can mostly sleep in their first month. Then baby gradually spend less time on sleeping and become more active.

In the first few weeks, some babies get vomitting and temporary suffocation. Mucus or fluid in the lung is the cause of these. Don’t be afraid if your baby wheezes or gags, he or she is just trying to clean the airway breathing out. This state will be improved soon.

Congratulations! You have made it through week 1. We can’t wait to show you how your baby is developing in week 2.

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