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What do you need to know to care for your 47 week old baby?


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Development & Behavior

How should my baby be developing?

In the third week of the eleventh month, your baby is capable to:

  • pick up tiny object with any part of thumb and finger. As always, make sure dangerous objects stay out of baby’s reach;
  • stand alone momentarily;
  • say “dada” or “mama” indiscriminately;
  • say one word other than “mama” or “dada”.

How to support my baby?

Because they are receptive now, it’s a good time to begin to teach your baby how to help out. Emphasize “please” and “thank you,” and make toy cleanup time fun by turning it into a game. Though they probably won’t get the idea just yet, it’s not too early to start. Break the task into very small parts. At this age, they’ll need you to work with them by his side.

It’s up to you to help your baby make connections between objects and their names – the more you do, the faster your child’s vocabulary will grow. Keep talking to your baby and labeling things. Count stair steps as you climb them, and point out the names and colors of the fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. Read your baby a picture book and ask them to point to or name of familiar objects. Solicit their opinion once in a while: Ask them if they’d like to wear the red or the blue socks, or if they’d like to play with their blocks or their stacking rings. Give them only two choices – both of which are right in front of them. They may not answer, but then again, they may surprise you.

Health & Safety

What should I discuss with my doctor?

Most doctors do not schedule regular checkups for your baby this month – again, since babies this age do not appreciate the holding during a doctor’s visit. Those with stranger anxiety may also not appreciate the doctors no matter how warm and friendly they are. Do call the doctor if there are any concerns that you cannot wait until next month’s visit.

What should I know?

Here are some things you should know about:

Thumb sucking

Thumb – suckers are using a healthy and built-in mechanism to soothe themselves. It’s a natural self – comforting inclination that some babies are born with, and it’s no cause for worry or alarm. Experts agree that for babies, this isn’t a risk. Some people say children can even suck their thumb without affecting their teeth until they’re 2 years old, most can do it safely until they’re 4 or 5, when permanent teeth usually start appearing.


Pacifiers are another good way for babies to self – soothe, but they’re not necessary. Your baby may learn to depend on you to retrieve their pacifier if it drops out of their crib, for instance, and it may become lost or dirty. On the plus side, babies usually outgrow pacifiers well before they pose a risk to dental health. Some babies actually is in favor of the thumb, so if that’s the case, you don’t have achoice, your baby has made it for you.

My Concerns

What I am concerned about?

In the second week of the eleventh month, you may have many concerns. One of these is parental nudity.

Experts agree that up until the preschool years, parental nudity won’t affect a child in any way. Certainly, an infant under a year is too young to be stimulated by seeing their mother undressed. They are also too young to remember in years later what they had seen. Beyond the age of three or four, however, some believe that it may be less healthy for children to see parents of the opposite who are fully undressed.

If your baby is curious about what they viewand wants to touch your pubic hair or pull at your nipples, feel free to end any explorations that bother you. Be matter – of – fact, and don’t overreact. Their interest in the private parts of your body is, after all, no less wholesome than their interest in the public parts, such as your nose or ears (though they may be even more fascinated by the private parts since they’re usually kept under wraps). “That’s Mommy’s” is a response that will help a baby begin to understand the concept of body privacy and help them keep their private parts private later on .

You have made through week 47.  Don’t worry. You are not alone. We will be here to give you support next week, in week 48.

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