Week 15


Development & Behavior

How should my baby be developing?

Your baby is starting to draw conclusions about the world around them. They are looking at everything with curiosity, they are even curious about their own reflection.

You can prop an unbreakable mirror next to your baby or set them in front of your mirror when you’re getting ready in the morning. Your baby won’t realize that it’s actually their image in the mirror (which usually begins to happen well into the second year), but that doesn’t matter. They’ll love staring at their – or anyone else’s – reflection, and they may show their delight with an all-out gummy grin.

In the third week of the 3rd month, they may:

  • Keep their head steady when having an upright posture;
  • Lift chest when lying face down with their hands by;
  • Flip (one way);
  • Grab objects;
  • Focus on small items such as dried grapes (but remember not to let this material items be within the reach of children);
  • They start making their judgments about the world around and see everything around including themselves by extremely curious eyes.

How to support my baby?

Your baby may stop sucking thumb or sucking on the bottle to hear your voice. Let your baby coo or make sounds, describe everything while you’re doing chores in the home. This will not only create the connection between you and your baby, but also encourage them to express themselves. Wait and see if the baby has signs of reply or reaction.

When you stay with friends, let your baby sit nearby somewhere so that they can hear the various conversations or know interaction between people. Your baby will enjoy watching other children play or bigger babies who are learning to walk or love observing a pet. But you should stay alert because they could not keep themselves safe. In fact, anything within their reach will become their toys. Babies are very good at handling things, so give them some toys which easy to grasp, maybe it is aplastic or rubber ring that your baby can use both hands, or you can give them emitting sound toys or stuffed animals. You should absolutely put in appropriate toys out of reach of your child.

They will start using one hand for a time and then switch to the other hand. But this time, you can not determine if they are as is right-handed baby until they are 2-3 years old.

Health & Safety

What should I discuss with my doctor?

Most doctors will not make an appointment or ask a periodic health checks for your baby this month. But you can always call your doctor if you have any questions that can not wait until the next examination period.

What should I know?

Here are some things you should know about:

Oral thrush

Oral thrush is a fungal infection of the mouth caused by Candida albicans yeast. If you suppose that your child has white spots inside the cheeks or on the tongue and lips which cannot be wiped out (look like vomiting stains), this might be the signs of oral thrush.

Yeasts grow in moist and warm environments. In this case, the environment inside the baby’s mouth can be an ideal one. If you are breastfeeding your baby, your nipples can also be transmitted when the baby is sucking milk yeast. Then your nipples may become dry, aching and pain when breastfeeding. You will be more prone to yeast infections if you are facing with tensions and weak resistance. Yeast can also move through the digestive tract of the baby and went out through the anus, causing a rash or vaginal yeast infections.

Talk to your doctor to get a prescription antifungals for both you and baby. If you are breastfeeding, both you and your baby must be treated to prevent infecting each other. The treatment usually takes a few weeks to work. During treatment, wash your hands often, disinfect toys and pacifiers in boiling water. Apply antifungal cream (clotrimazole) to your nipple, you can also use it in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs. Some infants with oral thrush will be more irritable and lazy to eat as their cheek and gum this time would hurt.

Swelling of the penis

You may be worried too much when you see your baby’s penis is swollen, but actually sometimes your baby just suffers diaper rash. Diaper rash is very common and can sometimes cause swelling of the penis, which leads to dysuria. Please treat diaper rash for your infant, and let your baby soak in warm water if they have dysuria. If you use cloth diapers, you should switch to using disposable diapers. If the baby’s condition is not relieved and disappear after two or three days of treatment at home, or if he got serious difficulty in urinating, you have to call your doctor.

Spastic movements

Although your baby has undergone a long timesince they got out of the womb, the baby’s nervous system is still immature and not complete, so the baby’s brain has not been fully able to handle all matters yet.. The lack of well coordination is a very normal thing in the development of motor function in newborns. Soon, he will be able to control the actions and his movements better. They also have a clear purpose and be more skillful. If you are still worried, talk to a doctor next time.

My Concerns

What I am concerned about?

Here are some things you may be concerned about:

Night walking to breastfeed

It is the fact that feeding at night helps provide sufficient nutrients for the baby. Although some breastfed babies will no longer need breastfeeding when they are about three months old (and sometimes earlier), most of them still remain the. Especially breastfed babies maystill need to suck twice each night.

However, feeding from 3 to 4 times a night is not necessary . You should slowly reduce the number of breast-feeding down in order to get more rest and sleep, it also may help your baby sleep better. Here’s how:

  • Feed your baby more at a time;
  • Wake your baby to breastfeed them before the baby requires feeding;
  • Ensure sufficient amount of milk your baby needs during the day;
  • Increase time between the interval feedings;
  • Feed your baby less at time when you want to cut back;
  • Feed your baby more at a time when you want;
  • Do not let them wear a diaper at night unless it is absolutely necessary;
  • Considering spatial distance. If you’re sharing a room or sharing a bed with your baby and do not want to continue to do it, this is the time to let your infant sleep separately. The fact that you keep your baby at hand may make the baby wake up, which is the reason why you must hold your baby up more often.

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