Week by Week

What do you need to know to care for your 13 week old baby?


Development & Behavior

How should my baby be developing?

In the first week of the third month, he may be able to:

  • Be able to recognize you when only a few days old. However in the 13th week, the baby can express this more clearly. About half of all children in this age began to show the ability to identify their parents pretty good.
  • Be able to smile at strangers, especially when others looked directly into her eyes, playing or talking to her. However she will stare, distinguished who’re they and certainly the baby will love parents or people around them more.
  • She can keep silence, eye contact with you; or she may seek you in a room and move arms or laugh excitedly when find you. Your baby may even discover your soothing smell.
  • Raise her head 45 degrees when lying.

How to support my baby?

Research shows that children often talk to parents with higher IQs significantly and rich vocabulary when they mature than other kids. Therefore, interactions with your baby right now is especially important. Talk with your child about the things around when you put your baby to walk, to see the things your baby when crossing the grocery store. Your baby can not repeat to you but she will be able to capture all the information and ever-improve your memory.

Health & Safety

What should I discuss with my doctor?

Most doctors will not make an appointment, periodic health checks for your baby this month. But you can always call your doctor if you have any questions that can not wait until the next examination period.

What should I know?

Here are some things you should know about:

Diaper rash

Skin rash when diaper rash is usually caused by wetness and rubbing with diapers. Urine or feces trapped in a long time on the diaper will irritate the skin and increase the growth of bacteria or fungi, sometimes causing skin infection (dermatitis). A small number of cases, the cause may be due to the smell of diapers or wipes can cause skin irritation.

Keep your baby safe and dry environment are the best way to treat diaper rash. Keep your baby’s diaper change frequently and do not let the baby diaper dirty or wet for a long time. You can use the ointment to create a barrier between her skin and the waste which can cause irritation and infection. Try creams containing zinc oxide because they would create protective layer thicker than lubrication and stays longer on your skin, so that it can protect more safe for your baby’s skin. Research shows that breastfeeding while wearing disposable diapers with less diaper rash. Therefore, you should breastfeed frequently.

Instead of using paper towels, try using warm water in spray bottle to clean your baby’s diaper area without rubbing. If she needs to be cleaned more carefully, you should use a soft cloth or cotton wipe gently. You can use a mild soap to add fragrance. Then, to dry or drying at low temperature for the baby. Occasionally, you do not need to wear diapers for the baby when the baby is in crib or plays in the  yard. You can put the baby on the waterproof mattress.

In case your baby has serious diaper rash caused by fungal, call your doctor for advice effective treatments.

Sudden death syndrome in infants (SIDS)

Indeed, the ability that baby suffers this syndrome is quite rare, so you should not be too worried. When she was one year old, the baby will virtually has no risk of sudden death syndrome in infants. So do not let anxiety affects both you and your baby.

My Concerns

What I am concerned about?

Here are some things you may be concerned about:

Establish regular schedules

Many children do not work according to a certain timetable at all, even when she has more than three months old. Sleeping or eating time of the baby now is totally impromptu and not a day like any day. If your child is in this situation, you need to decide if you will take the initiative to control the timetable of the baby or follow your infant’s demands.

Below is a summary of the benefits that both methods will provide.

  • Parenting on schedule: Schedule your baby does not mean you will not meet her demand that her requests will be met in a certain framework and timetable.
  • Parenting follow your baby’s needs, you can use this method if your baby grow healthy without timetable. Those who favor this approach believe that meet the needs of the baby will help you better understand your baby, cultivate confidence and create good communication platform between parents and baby.

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