sperm quality
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Sperm Quality And Fertility Problems
Some couples still find it difficult to achieve the sperm and ovum union. And you’ve guessed it, one of the main reasons for this is the sperm quality. 
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Using Smartphones in the Toilet Can Lead to Haemorrhoids
Haemorrhoids are largely caused by excessive straining during defecation, as well as prolonged use of smartphones on the toilet seat.
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multiple sclerosis
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World vs Multiple Sclerosis: Awareness Is Key
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the worldwide leading non-traumatic debilitating conditon amongst young adults with the age range of 19.1 to 38.9 years old.
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Durian And Breathalyzer Test
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Eating Durian Can Cause You To Fail A Breathalyzer Test
As much as it is puzzling and hard to believe, there is actually a link between eating Durian and breathalyzer test - specifically testing positive for it.
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women outlive men
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Women Outlive Men Everywhere But Why?
Women outlive men - that's the finding from the latest, 2019 World Health Statistics. Not only that, it was found that women outlive men everywhere.
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First Measles Case in Costa Rica After 5 Years Due To Unvaccinated Tourist
Costa Rica is one of the country with the best health care in Central America and thanks to their robust immunisation program, they have been declared free from Measles for 5 years since 2014. Why just a 5 years ...
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WHO’s Report On Global Health Spending: Why Are People Still Paying A Lot?
En route to universal health coverage, the World Health Organisation this week, released some findings from their new report on global health expenditure entitled, ‘Public Spending on Health: A closer look ...
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Setting The Standard On Gene Editing: WHO Announces Its Committee
The study of genetics has come a long way from Gregor Mendel’s experiment on his pea plants to examine the genotypes and phenotypes of organisms. We then gained the understanding of spontaneous mutation and ...
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