Why Text Messaging Causes Stress?

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Do you ever feel stressed when replying messages? Do you feel irritated when receiving hundred of messages in group chats? Are you constantly checking for messages just in case you missed out the important ones?

With the advancement of technologies, text messaging becomes one of the main communication channels in our daily life. Short Message Service (SMS) and other social apps such as Whatsapp, Wechat, Facebook, and Instagram are being used widely for communication.

In a recent study conducted by Viber, one-third of them are found to be stressed to text messaging.

Why Did Individual Stress to Text Messaging?

Most of the individual are stressed to text messaging due to the irritating behaviours. The study showed that 32% of the respondents feel the most irritating when individual disappear in the middle of the text conversation. Furthermore, poor grammar and overuse of emojis are proved to be the causes of stress as well. Individuals found that it is hard to understand the conversation when there is too much of emojis used.

Usually, individuals are found to be more irritated to group chats, which have more than 3 people in a chat. 39% of the respondents are found to dislike group chats. Engaging in side conversations are proved to be the most irritating behaviours in group chats, followed by oversharing and spamming of pictures or videos. Hence, there are about 17% of them are more likely to mute the group chats as soon as they are added.

What if we receive text messages after working hours? Most of the respondents are willing to reply if it is urgent, while about 23% of them feel annoyed to the messages but they will still respond to it.

The study also showed that 20% of the respondents are stressed to the number of messages that they have to respond to. However, 11% of them choose to ignore all the messages received instead.

How to Deal with Text Messaging-Related Stress?

Even though text messaging causes stress, this communication channel still brings convenience to our daily life. We can use it for both personal and work-related communication such as keep in touch with friends and family and get quick responses from clients. In order to deal with stress that caused by text messaging, the best way is to reduce the time spent on the phone and engage more time for face-to-face conversation or make a phone call instead.

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